Recently Published Books

High Love - Still Connected

Andrew D. Bentley

Nov 2017

A true story of momentous signs and reflections, from desolate grief to healing peace.

Consciousness Becomes You

Roderick Alan
Angie Aristone

Dec 2016

Understanding your connection to everything through the mind of a telepath.

Ultimum Mysterium

Beyond the Cutting Edge of Science

Anthony Burns

Jul 2016

The impossible happens - but can science explain it?

Mediumship Within

Chris Ratter

Jul 2016

Practical advice is integrated with personal experience to inform and guide the reader on the development of mediumship and healing.

Blissfully Dead

Life Lessons from the Other Side

Melita Harvey

Nov 2015

The spirit of Janelle, a former actress, takes the reader on a fascinating and insightful journey from the mind to the heart.

What Dwells Within: A Study of Spirit Attachment

Jayne Harris
Dan Weatherer

Oct 2015

A book discussing the work of leading paranormal investigator Jayne Harris and her studies into haunted objects.

Audible Life Stream, The

Ancient Secret of Dying While Living

Alistair Conwell

Jul 2010

The secret to unlocking your purpose in life is solving the mystery of death while still living.

Thicker Than Blood?

A Fresh Look at Adoption, Fostering and Step Families

Ann Merivale

Apr 2015

If you wonder how family members are chosen, this book, with its fascinating and varied stories, will give the answers.

Orbs and Beyond

Communications and Revelations from another Reality

John Pickering
Katie Hall

Mar 2015

Insights from Orbs & Beyond reveal Oneness and connectivity for us as individuals that crosses faith and religious boundaries.

Angel Journey Workbook, The

Connecting with angels

Kylie Holmes

Dec 2014

Interested in Angels and want to know how to connect with them? Then this workbook can show you how

Life Without Elgar

A Tale of a Journeying Soul

Ann Merivale

Oct 2014

Explains how the author got into her previous life as Helen Weaver, Edward Elgar's first fiancée, the healing involved, and includes imagined correspondence between the composer and Helen.

Psychic & Spiritual Awareness Manual, The

A guide to DIY enlightenment

Kevin West

Oct 2014

Unlocking the code of the Spirit; the eyes of the soul.

Charnel House Blues: The Vampyre's Tale

Suzanne Ruthven

Mar 2014

A view of the vampire through folklore, history, literature and film.

End of Death, The

How Near-Death Experiences Prove the Afterlife

Admir Serrano

Dec 2013

A compelling examination of Near Death Experience, proving immortality in every page.

Multidimensional Evolution

Personal Explorations of Consciousness

Kim McCaul

Oct 2013

Once you understand your multidimensional nature, you can make every moment count.

Delayed Departure

A Beginner's Guide to Soul Rescue

Ann Merivale

Aug 2013

Rescue ghosts and help to clean up our polluted atmosphere.

Awaken your inner faerie in 30 days

learn to live from your creative core

Alex Clarke

Jul 2013

Awaken your unique inner faerie and learn to live from your creative core.

Divine Guidance

The answers you need to make miracles

Stephanie J. King

Jul 2013

Ask a question - any question - and the answer will immediately be presented, like a direct line - a telephone link - to the higher realms…

Extraordinary Spirit Sightings & Encounters of an Ordinary Surrey Lady, The

Marianne Green

Jul 2013

Come on a journey of hope and delve into the mysteries of Spirit and the Life and Wisdom to come.

Circle of Light, A

Transform Grief into a Unique Opportunity for Guidance

Adele Vincent

Jun 2013

This extraordinary book will change how readers think about grief, empowering them to heal and receive divine guidance.

5 Points of Power and Wisdom, The

A Guide to Intuitive Living

Nicola Jayne

Apr 2013

The 5 Points of Power and Wisdom - a course in Spiritual and Psychic development and a guide for intuitive living.


Memories from a Medium's Life

Fiona Roberts

Jan 2013

Have you ever wondered if we live when we die?

Soul to Soul Connections

Comforting Messages from the Spirit World

Carole J. Obley

Dec 2012

Carole J. Obley shows us how to heal relationships with deceased loved ones and open our hearts to grow spiritually.

Immortal Yearnings

Mystical Imaginings and Primordial Affirmations of the Afterlife

Annamaria Hemingway

Nov 2012

Journey into the vivid, dynamic world of archetypes and symbols to rediscover ancient eternal truths.

Healing with Spirit

A Guide to Healing


Nov 2012

If you want to learn to heal, this is the book to read.

  • Stafford BettyStafford BettyStafford Betty earned his PhD in theology from Fordham University, teaches religious studies at Cali...
  • Carole J. ObleyCarole J. ObleyProfessional spiritual medium Carole J. Obley has communicated with souls who have crossed into the ...
  • Sue AllenSue AllenA qualified psychotherapist, Sue Allen is well known for her work in this area and has taught many h...
  • Becky WalshBecky WalshBecky Walsh has been turning the world of self-development on its head for years with her fabulous d...
  • Sandie GustusSandie GustusSandie Gustus, B.A., Dip. Ed., CIPR Accredited Practitioner, volunteered with the London Educational...
  • Jenny SmedleyJenny SmedleyBased in beautiful Somerset, in the UK, Jenny Smedley is an author, TV and radio presenter/guest, in...
  • John PickeringJohn Pickering
  • Katie HallKatie Hall
  • Poppy PalinPoppy Palin
  • Tonika RinarTonika RinarTonika Rinar is an extraordinary psychic and visionary, international speaker, author and workshop l...
  • Rosanna IencoRosanna IencoRosanna Ienco is a Shamanic Practitioner, Soul and Past life coach. Rosanna has a healing practice i...
  • June-Elleni LaineJune-Elleni LaineBorn in the north of England but made her home in London over 30 years ago. June-Elleni's career sta...
  • Mike OramMike Oram
  • Stephanie June SorrellStephanie June SorrellStephanie's main passions are the psychospiritual dimension of life and the natural environment. She...
  • Richard LawrenceRichard LawrenceRichard, has been actively psychic for over a quarter of a century, and the volume, quality, and unu...
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