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Spirit Release

Sue Allen

Apr 2007

A guide to psychic attack, curses, witchcraft, spirit attachment, possession, soul retrieval, haunting, soul rescue, deliverance, exorcism and others as taught at the College of Psychic Studies in London.


Aliens, Cults, Propaganda and the Manipulation of the Mind

Philip Gardiner

Dec 2009

Delusion by Philip Gardner uncovers alien conspiracies and ghostly visitations. Whats the real truth? Are we deluding ourselves?

Shadows in the Night

Memoirs of a Ghost Hunter

Diana Jarvis

Dec 2010

A compelling witty and thought provoking exposé of real life ghost hunts by a seasoned investigative medium.

Dead Men Talking

The Beginning of the Black Light

Nikki Mackay

Nov 2012

The tales of dead men are the truest kind. A restless murdered soul tells tales of love, betrayal, death and prostitution.

Delayed Departure

A Beginner's Guide to Soul Rescue

Ann Merivale

Aug 2013

Rescue ghosts and help to clean up our polluted atmosphere.

What Dwells Within: A Study of Spirit Attachment

Jayne Harris
Dan Weatherer

Oct 2015

A book discussing the work of leading paranormal investigator Jayne Harris and her studies into haunted objects.

Ultimum Mysterium

Beyond the Cutting Edge of Science

Anthony Burns

Jul 2016

The impossible happens - but can science explain it?

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