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Past Life Angels by Jenny Smedley

Past Life Angels

Jenny Smedley

Aug 2008

Souls don't Lie by Jenny Smedley

Souls don't Lie

Jenny Smedley

Nov 2006

From a depressed, overweight, suicidal woman to successful song writer, author, radio celebrity, newspaper columnist and TV presenter.

Christy's Journey by Peter Watson Jenkins

Christy's Journey

Peter Watson Jenkins

Mar 2008

Practicing Conscious Living and Dying by Annamaria Hemingway

Practicing Conscious Living and Dying

Annamaria Hemingway

Jan 2008

I'm Still With You by Carole J. Obley

I'm Still With You

Carole J. Obley

Jun 2008

These stories uplift, comfort and heal and show how love helps us grieve.

Awakening the Divine Soul by Rosanna Ienco

Awakening the Divine Soul

Rosanna Ienco

Jan 2009

SUPERnaturally True by Jenny Smedley

SUPERnaturally True

Jenny Smedley

Oct 2009

Electronic Voices: Contact with Another Dimension? by Anabela Mourato Cardoso

Electronic Voices: Contact with Another Dimension?

Anabela Mourato Cardoso

Sep 2010

Career diplomat and experimenter Dr Anabela Cardoso covers the latest research into instrumental transcommunication ITC and electronic voice phenomena EVP.

Famous Past Lives by Steve Burgess

Famous Past Lives

Steve Burgess

Apr 2011

Hypnotherapy past-life regression sessions in which ordinary people re-experience the lives of very famous people, including Elizabeth I and Shakespeare.

Life Without Elgar by Ann Merivale

Life Without Elgar

Ann Merivale

Oct 2014

Explains how the author got into her previous life as Helen Weaver, Edward Elgar's first fiancée, the healing involved, and includes imagined correspondence between the composer and Helen.

High Love - Still Connected by Andrew D. Bentley

High Love - Still Connected

Andrew D. Bentley

Nov 2017

A true story of momentous signs and reflections, from desolate grief to healing peace.

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