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Audible Life Stream, The by Alistair Conwell

Audible Life Stream, The

Alistair Conwell

Jul 2010

The secret to unlocking your purpose in life is solving the mystery of death while still living.

In Unexpected Places by Ray Brown

In Unexpected Places

Ray Brown

Apr 2011

It is urgent that we take the death-event and the death-state more seriously and give them space in our lives.

Benevolent Virus, A by Frances O'Brien

Benevolent Virus, A

Frances O'Brien

Dec 2010

How do you live once you know what its like to die?

Astral Projection Made Easy by Stephanie June Sorrell

Astral Projection Made Easy

Stephanie June Sorrell

May 2012

Mans greatest fear is of death, this book helps to eliminate this fear.

Immortal Yearnings by Annamaria Hemingway

Immortal Yearnings

Annamaria Hemingway

Nov 2012

Journey into the vivid, dynamic world of archetypes and symbols to rediscover ancient eternal truths.

End of Death, The by Admir Serrano

End of Death, The

Admir Serrano

Dec 2013

A compelling examination of Near Death Experience, proving immortality in every page.

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