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Spirit Release

Sue Allen

Apr 2007

A guide to psychic attack, curses, witchcraft, spirit attachment, possession, soul retrieval, haunting, soul rescue, deliverance, exorcism and others as taught at the College of Psychic Studies in London.

Art of Being Psychic

The power to free the artist within

June-Elleni Laine

Apr 2006

The power to free the artist within.


The definitive guide to living and working with the unseen

Poppy Palin

Jun 2007

Beyond Photography

Encounters with orbs, angels and mysterious light forms!

John Pickering
Katie Hall

Nov 2006

Journey Home

Tonika Rinar

May 2005

Advanced Psychic Development

Learn how to practise as a professional contemporary spiritual medium

Becky Walsh

Nov 2007

Unlock Your Psychic Powers

Richard Lawrence

Mar 2008

Little Book of Spirit Readings, The

The Ghostly Bits

Collette Star

Oct 2008

Psychic Children

Joanne Brocas

Sep 2010

Amazing real life stories of psychic children. The little girl who could talk to the dead, the little boy who remembered his past life.

Psychic Way, The

Fine-tuning Your Intuition

Barbara Ford-Hammond

Aug 2011

How to develop your psychic intuition without the weird, wacky or woo woo.

Electronic Voices: Contact with Another Dimension?

Anabela Mourato Cardoso

Sep 2010

Career diplomat and experimenter Dr Anabela Cardoso covers the latest research into instrumental transcommunication ITC and electronic voice phenomena EVP.

Love Beyond Death

Elleke van Kraalingen

Oct 2010

A love story of an extraordinary voyage through other states of consciousness and experiences of spheres beyond time and space.

Being Mystic

In Touch With God

Betsy Balega

Jun 2011

The veil between the  material and spirit world is thin. By reading Being Mystic, youll make your breakthrough.

Orbs and Beyond

Communications and Revelations from another Reality

John Pickering
Katie Hall

Mar 2015

Insights from Orbs & Beyond reveal Oneness and connectivity for us as individuals that crosses faith and religious boundaries.

Psychology of a Medium

And A Look At The Paranormal And The World Of Mediums

Billy Roberts

Aug 2012

Is there really anybody there? Or are we all deluding ourselves?

Immortal Yearnings

Mystical Imaginings and Primordial Affirmations of the Afterlife

Annamaria Hemingway

Nov 2012

Journey into the vivid, dynamic world of archetypes and symbols to rediscover ancient eternal truths.

Delayed Departure

A Beginner's Guide to Soul Rescue

Ann Merivale

Aug 2013

Rescue ghosts and help to clean up our polluted atmosphere.

What Dwells Within: A Study of Spirit Attachment

Jayne Harris
Dan Weatherer

Oct 2015

A book discussing the work of leading paranormal investigator Jayne Harris and her studies into haunted objects.

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