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Myths of the Afterlife Made Easy by Annamaria Hemingway

Myths of the Afterlife Made Easy

Annamaria Hemingway

May 2011

The ever present anxiety surrounding death may be alleviated by the symbolic content of mythological near-death journeys, which change perception of reality and provide an illumined wisdom to enrich our myths about death.

In Unexpected Places by Ray Brown

In Unexpected Places

Ray Brown

Apr 2011

It is urgent that we take the death-event and the death-state more seriously and give them space in our lives.

I'm Still With You by Carole J. Obley

I'm Still With You

Carole J. Obley

Jun 2008

These stories uplift, comfort and heal and show how love helps us grieve.

Circle of Light, A by Adele Vincent

Circle of Light, A

Adele Vincent

Jun 2013

This extraordinary book will change how readers think about grief, empowering them to heal and receive divine guidance.

Immortal Yearnings by Annamaria Hemingway

Immortal Yearnings

Annamaria Hemingway

Nov 2012

Journey into the vivid, dynamic world of archetypes and symbols to rediscover ancient eternal truths.

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