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Readers can buy through their local bookstore or preferred online bookseller by clicking on one of the buy links on the book page on this website.  Hive and Indiebound support local bookstores. Alternatively you can contact the distributor in your region.

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Paravision by Rodrigo M Medeiros


Theory and Practice of Visual Clairvoyance

Rodrigo M Medeiros

High Love - Still Connected by Andrew D. Bentley

High Love - Still Connected

Andrew D. Bentley

Consciousness Becomes You by Roderick Alan, Angie  Aristone

Consciousness Becomes You

Roderick Alan
Angie Aristone

Ultimum Mysterium by Anthony Burns

Ultimum Mysterium

Beyond the Cutting Edge of Science

Anthony Burns

Mediumship Within by Chris Ratter

Mediumship Within

Chris Ratter

Blissfully Dead by Melita Harvey

Blissfully Dead

Life Lessons from the Other Side

Melita Harvey

Audible Life Stream, The by Alistair Conwell

Audible Life Stream, The

Ancient Secret of Dying While Living

Alistair Conwell

Thicker Than Blood? by Ann Merivale

Thicker Than Blood?

A Fresh Look at Adoption, Fostering and Step Families

Ann Merivale

Orbs and Beyond by John Pickering, Katie Hall

Orbs and Beyond

Communications and Revelations from another Reality

John Pickering
Katie Hall

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