What Dwells Within: A Study of Spirit Attachment

What Dwells Within: A Study of Spirit Attachment

A book discussing the work of leading paranormal investigator Jayne Harris and her studies into haunted objects.


A book discussing the work of leading paranormal investigator Jayne Harris and her studies into haunted objects.

See Jayne's YouTube video which has achieved over one million views in just one week.


A new book called What Dwells Withinis about haunted dolls. It’s subject that has always intrigued me because I've amassed a collection of dolls over the years – some of which you can see in the photo above. A few I have owned since I was tiny, some have been given to me by loved ones, and they all have sentimental attachment. None of my dolls are haunted, as far as I know, although I like to think some of them have their own personality. Actually, according to What Dwells Within,“haunted dolls” isn’t really the correct term – and neither is the more scary “possessed dolls”. The correct term is spirit attachment, hence the book’s subtitle: A Study of Spirit Attachment. Authors Jayne Harris and Dan Weatherer explain what that means in the introduction: What is spirit attachment if not the very definition of a haunting? It is believed that ghosts haunt areas that the deceased were either fond of or met their demise within, and there are countless volumes dedicated to the documentation of haunted places and the history behind each alleged ghost... If a spirit can attach itself to a place that it once shared a connection with, then why not an object? Why not a favoured item of furniture, artwork or a piece of jewellery? If – like many paranormal enthusiasts believe – a building can record the energy or emotions of an individual and replay that incident at a later date (more commonly known as the stone tape theory), why is it improbable that a wedding ring could hold the essence or emotions of the person who once wore it? What Dwells Within,is a study of such items - mostly dolls, but also jewellery, a gypsy fortune-telling mirror and a box supposedly used to trap a malevolent entity. But dolls were what originally interested Jayne and for many years she ran a service called Haunted Dolls through which she bought, researched and then sold dolls with spirit attachments. That has since become HD Paranormal Research Ltd, which investigates a wider remit of potential cases. The book explains the difference between spirit attachment and possession. Possession is when an entity or spirit takes over a person or thing in order to completely control it, but Jayne explains, "Spirit attachment that involves an object relates more in terms of residual energy with elements of individual intelligence remaining after life has expired." The way I prefer to look at it is, if someone hijacks your car, that's possession, if someone hitches a lift in your car, that's attachment. After giving historical examples and explaining how Jayne investigates dolls, the book offers a plethora of case studies. These include pictures of each one, its past, what was revealed when it was studied, and details of the doll's current location and owner. Occasionally, if the item has a dark or dangerous energy, it is contained or destroyed. Jayne says most spirits are not dark, they are simply people who have chosen to remain on the earthly plane after death. They do not wish to harm people, they just want to continue to experience the world or to watch over people they are fond of. What Dwells Within is published by 6th Books and is perfect reading for Halloween. ~ Lucya, Badwitch

Down to earth informative book! I read Jayne's book in one sitting then Terra's more slowly paying attention to her details and advice and explanations. She writes plain, down to earth-no frills,just the facts. She makes each doll come alive in her investigations. She has been a great help in answering some of my own questions. She shows her passion in her writing. I highly recommend this book and look forward to future books. She shows great sensitivity to these dolls in her caring about them. ~ Jennie Akeson, Amazon

A wonderful and well written book! I finished reading this book, and I loved it! It's chock full of information about spirit attachment and the reasons it happens. It's a must-read if you're interested in the paranormal, and especially spirit attachment. I hope Jayne Harris has more books on the paranormal coming out in the future. She is well-informed, well-respected, and very knowledgeable in the field of paranormal investigation. ~ Diana Reed, Amazon

This was a fascinating book. I especially enjoyed the section on the case histories. For anyone interested in spirit attachment this is a very good book. Only wish it was longer. I read it in a day, really draws you in but felt I wanted more. ~ Binky, Amazon

Love this book! Fascinating and insightful reading!!!! Perfect season to read this wonderful book... ~ Holly Cieri, Amazon

A must have for paranormal enthusiasts Very insightful for anyone involved with spiritual attachments or just interested in it! The personal experiences in the book definitely made it feel more intimate and kept you reading! ~ anon customer, Amazon

Just Finished reading this book.. I was very pleased with the information, also had good stories/articles of personal accounts with objects connected with the Paranormal.. It also contained a very good FAQ section at the end to assist amateurs like myself in this field. This book will will be kept on my bookshelf as collection and for referencing when in need for the future.. will even read it again from time to time thoroughly for its interesting topics and information.. ~ Craig Glenn, Amazon

"I suggest this book needs to be read, you will not be disappointed" The cover of the book draws the new potential reader into the desire to know more, not knowing what to expect. I felt a sense of intrigue and foreboding as I opened the book, what would I find? Jayne Harris Comes from a spiritually minded and connected family, her interest in the spirit world started when at the age of 16 her cousin whom she was very close to died in a tragic car accident. This prompted Jayne to prove to herself once and for all that there is life after death and find comfort in the knowledge that her cousin lives on. This book intends, and in my opinion gives evidence that we are not alone in this world with spirit all around us all of the time. From going on paranormal investigations to being asked by private individuals to help them understand what is happening in their home Jayne endeavours and succeeds to give answers to their questions. This book gives facts about what equipment paranormal investigators including herself use on an investigation to how she links in using a crystal pendulum to link with the spirit. There are some chilling accounts to read about what clients have witnessed , like a shop in Evesham where a doll would move itself 180 degrees round every night once the shop was locked up for the night. The Dybbuk Box unearthed while digging to lay new foundations in the garden of a 19th Century property which caused mayhem and terror once brought into the house resulting in the police being called in, As well as being entertaining it is a book that answers questions, gives the reader evidence to help them make their own mind up about spirit. I don't know if Jayne and her husband are a little eccentric (nothing wrong with that) or very brave to have a cellar full of dolls that have spirit attachments, it's something I wouldn't do but it works for them and that is all that matters. I suggest the book needs to be read, you will not be disappointed, and you will find out about their cellar. ~ Alan Cox, Paranormal Galaxy magazine

If you have an interest in the paranormal, then you will not be disappointed by this upcoming book release, from Haunted Dolls founder, Jayne Harris, and horror author D.J Weatherer. Focusing specifically on haunted objects, possession and spirit attachment, this book details the many cases that paranormal expert Harris has come across in her many years of studying this fascinating subject. As the founder of the extremely popular group Haunted Dolls, Harris has spent much of her time (since her late teens) exploring haunted items, and has been investigating objects given to her from people the world over, from frightened owners who didn’t know where else to turn to for help. Harris, who has studied Criminology, Psychology and Counselling, has also undertaken courses in Demonology as well as a recognised qualification in Paranormal Investigation. Her breadth of knowledge is obvious when one reads What Dwells Within, because within the pages readers can recognise her focus, passion, seriousness and critical evaluation of the haunted cases that she has been involved in. Her devotion to the subject shines in the narrative of this release. What can one expect in What Dwells Within? Packed within this paranormal release, is everything that a paranormal enthusiast will enjoy: Case studies, explorations of theories, as well as an FAQ in which those who wish to study this subject for themselves can glean some valuable advice. This book is not only enjoyable to read, it is also immeasurably important as a tool for those who wish to immerse themselves in this area of paranormal research. Whether you are looking for a creepy read (there are case detailed in this book that I found particularly creepy) or whether you want to use this as a starting point for your own studies, What Dwells Within is a book that covers it all. I don’t believe any paranormal enthusiast will be disappointed. D.J Weatherer’s skill in detailing and excavating the world of Harris’ paranormal studies should not be ignored here; it is a story he unfolds with precision, passion and respect. I personally found his written word enjoyable, interesting and beautifully described. I highly recommend this upcoming release. I rate What Dwells Within 5/5. ~ Fiona Dodwell, author, Study Paranormal Blog

Jayne Harris
Jayne Harris As Founder and Lead Investigator at HD Paranormal Research, Jayne has had a fascination with all things paranormal for as long as she can re...
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