Walk On The Wild Side, A

Walk On The Wild Side, A

One Man's Experiences With Psychic Phenomena

One man's fifty years of UFO experiences, psychic predictions, ghosts, and a poltergeist infested house in southern California.


"...at this point I knew that a paranormal voice, totally independent from the medium, was speaking in mid-space in my blacked-out bedroom. The next question would be, 'who was speaking?'"

A Walk On The Wild Side is a compilation of Gary Williams' experiences with paranormal and psychic phenomena over a fifty year period. It includes his involvement with the UFO phenomena, predictions of the future made to him by psychics that came true years later, and his encounters with ghosts and poltergeists.


“There is no experience like first-hand experience”, says Gary Williams, “and I have had many of them.” In this lively and enjoyable book he shares many of them with the reader, whether they were positive, like his sittings with mediums Brian Hurst, Warren Smith, Albert Best and Alex Tanous and an encounter with a poltergeist, or negative, as in the case of a well-known couple who he describes as “blatant frauds”. He also has little time for fashionable TV “mediums” who somehow manage to keep going despite evidence for their fakery. I would advise any of these pretenders who come across Gary to run away and hide. Good travel guides know their chosen areas. In this book, readers are in safe hands as they are guided through several of those mysterious regions often lumped together and labelled “paranormal”- from UFOs, ghosts and EVPs, (electronic voice phenomena), to precognitive dreams, predictions and reincarnation. Homage is also paid to such members of the Hall of Fame psychical research as Leslie Flint, Edgar Cayce, and especially the author´s friend Alex Tanous. There are also chapters on astrology, which Gary practices, and religion, about which he has his reservations. The book is as informative as it is enjoyable reading, and its author comes across as an honest seeker of truth who does his best to clarify an often misunderstood subject. ~ Guy Lyon Playfair

Gary Williams
Gary Williams Gary Williams was born in Norfolk, Virginia in 1949. He entered radio as a profession after graduating high school. In late 1979 and early 1...
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