Ultimum Mysterium

Ultimum Mysterium

Beyond the Cutting Edge of Science

The impossible happens - but can science explain it?


Ultimum Mysterium attempts to explain mysterious phenomena from a new perspective.
In Section I: “The Puzzle”, the author sets out and examines a number of reportedly true cases of such activity, both from history and from more recent times, which are so bizarre that even current scientific theories are unable to offer an explanation.
In Section II: “The Physics”, the author reviews the latest scientific discoveries (mainly in physics, but also in neurological research) with a view to seeing whether these can offer any kind of explanation to the strange phenomena described in Section I.
In Section III: “The Philosophy”, the author examines the underlying philosophical issues to see what may be possible in terms of a scientific explanation. He argues the universe is what it is, regardless of what we may think about its workings. If the impossible happens, so be it. We need keep an open mind on the subject and embrace the bizarre, but fascinating world of the impossible.


The author of this book takes on a fairly wide gambit of "unscientific" subjects - ie. clairvoyance, telepathy, astrology, eschatology, etc. - as a "fringe scientist". I like the way the book divides the subject matter into Shamanic, Scriptural and Scientific beliefs, and how it divides the sections into Puzzles, Physics and Philosophy. The conclusions reached in this book provides an original take on the issue. It's a thumbs-up on this book from me, and I look forward to reading more from this author, and hearing how his model of how the universe operates is expanded to explain more "glitches in reality". I think this book will appeal to all sorts of people, including those who believe in the supernatural and those who don't, as it tries to reconcile science with the supernatural. ~ The Inspira Group

"A refreshing new approach to explaining the unexplainable" ~ Rev Dr John Charlton Polkinghorne, KBE, FRS, English theoretical physicist, theologian, writer and Anglican priest

Anthony Burns
Anthony Burns Anthony Burns is a retired college tutor, living in Banbury in Oxfordshire. He is a Physics graduate and has taught Physics and Computer Sc...
Spirit Release by Sue Allen

Spirit Release

Sue Allen

A guide to psychic attack, curses, witchcraft, spirit attachment, possession, soul retrieval, haunting, soul rescue, deliverance, exorcism and others as taught at the College of Psychic Studies in London.

Delusion by Philip Gardiner


Philip Gardiner

Delusion by Philip Gardner uncovers alien conspiracies and ghostly visitations. Whats the real truth? Are we deluding ourselves?

What Dwells Within: A Study of Spirit Attachment by Jayne Harris, Dan Weatherer

What Dwells Within: A Study of Spirit Attachment

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Dan Weatherer

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Psychology of a Medium  by Billy Roberts

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Delayed Departure by Ann Merivale

Delayed Departure

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Shadows in the Night by Diana Jarvis

Shadows in the Night

Diana Jarvis

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Orbs and Beyond by John Pickering, Katie Hall

Orbs and Beyond

John Pickering
Katie Hall

Insights from Orbs & Beyond reveal Oneness and connectivity for us as individuals that crosses faith and religious boundaries.

Dead Men Talking by Nikki Mackay

Dead Men Talking

Nikki Mackay

The tales of dead men are the truest kind. A restless murdered soul tells tales of love, betrayal, death and prostitution.

Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest by G.L. Davies

Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest

G.L. Davies

Dare you step inside...

Raising Faith by Claire Waters

Raising Faith

Claire Waters

One family's extraordinary experiences learning about their young daughter's ability to communicate with spirits, and inspirational lessons learnt on their journey so far.

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