Thicker Than Blood?

Thicker Than Blood?

A Fresh Look at Adoption, Fostering and Step Families

If you wonder how family members are chosen, this book, with its fascinating and varied stories, will give the answers.


The author of this book is both an adoptive mother and a Deep Memory Process therapist, who has in her counselling practice encountered many cases of both adoptees and adopters. The result is a very broad-based book containing numerous fascinating stories of past-life family connections, indicating that everyone is in the family that they are in for a reason and that difficulties can stimulate spiritual growth. Fostering and step families also come under the same umbrella since similar difficulties can arise therein. The book can consequently be of use and interest to many different sorts of people, from those who were forced to give up a child to those who are wondering about the cause of problems that they are encountering.


I have read a few books about adoption and potential issues for the adoptees, birth parents, adoptive parents, siblings, and other family members. This book brings fresh insights into the connectedness among these individuals, as the author explores the possibilities of past life relationships. The author is trained as a Deep Memory Process Therapist, and she also is an adoptive, and biological, parent. Not only does she share her family’s story, as told by the members themselves, she also shares the stories of many others who have experienced a role in an adoption. The stories are simply fascinating! Whether or not you have a personal experience of adoption, you will learn a great deal from this book, wondering why you have chosen the circumstances of the life you are currently living. I highly recommend this book! ~ Deborah Lloyd, JHP author

While the concepts expressed in this book are unusual and controversial they bring a unique glimpse into the underlying reasons of everyone’s life purpose. In particular it gives comfort to many adoptive parents and those who have been adopted and feel distressed and disorientated by their circumstances. The views in this book are challenging and well worth contemplating. Jules Standish, The Colour Counsellor and author of ‘How NOT to wear black’ ~ Jules Standish, JHP Authors' Facebook page

What a huge amount of work went into this book! It obviously involved massive research, and I am sure it will be invaluable for either people who want to adopt a child, or for a child who has been adopted and needs more understanding of why their particular adoptive parents came to adopt them. The author shows great insight into how circumstances are often related to past lives and can come up for healing in this present life. ~ Reverend Leonora van Gils, Inter-Faith Minister & Spiritual Counsellor, Allergy Specialist

Thanks to Ann, a book that was long missing is finally a reality. She has, not only through her personal experience but also through her professional therapeutic experience, provided us with insights on a subject that has indeed up till now been neglected in the literature of the regression therapy field. If life is a school of the soul and the purpose of the soul is to collect experiences and act out the Life Plan, then one hard but useful way to do this is to live through the feeling of rejection by the biological parents and hopefully be compensated by the subsequent compassionate warmth of adoption and fostering. When I encounter such cases in my own practice I show the pattern that Ann is suggesting in her book: that soul bonds may very likely be thicker than blood and stronger than nurture. ~ Athanasios Komianos

It is to be expected that adoption and fostering would normally give rise to fairly difficult dynamic situations in which the baby/child might, say, consequently harbour a strong unconscious feeling of abandonment. This can often also wreak havoc in their later relationships. The psychology is in itself complicated enough, but here Ann Merivale investigates and catalogues an aspect that usually goes totally unrecognised by materialistic social services, as well as by most of those people who are seeking a child. Her thought-provoking thesis, as a regression therapist and believer in reincarnation, is that the set-up may be an arranged karmic re-assembly of relationships among persons who were previously connected and have in their current life-plan agreed to be together again – perhaps to resolve issues that are still outstanding or to build up a greater love over lifetimes. Many readers will be stirred by this exciting and insightful spiritual account of numerous real, and very varied, case histories. ~ Dr. Keith M. Hearne BSc, MSc, PhD. Psychologist.

Ann Merivale
Ann Merivale Born in 1940, Ann Merivale grew up in Oxford and Bristol. After graudating in French and Spanish from the University of Bristol, she made us...
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