Psychic & Spiritual Awareness Manual, The

Psychic & Spiritual Awareness Manual, The

A guide to DIY enlightenment

Unlocking the code of the Spirit; the eyes of the soul.


The Psychic & Spiritual Awareness Manual is aimed at people who wish to develop their psychic and spiritual awareness in a very practical way. Although organically linked, each chapter deals with a separate aspect of development and also acts as a diagnostic empowering tool. It is a companion to the teacher and student of these disciplines alike and is based around the Spiritualist and New Age approach to full realisation. It fills the gap left by so many books written by people who are not true, experienced practitioners or adepts in these fields. This book is filled with helpful exercises and hands-on useful techniques designed to empower the reader and awaken within them a sense of who, what, why, where and how they are.
The chapters include lessons and writings on healing, meditation, psychic awareness, clairvoyance, psychometry, scrying, psychic and spiritual philosophy, colours, auras and their energies, sitting in circle, and much more. This book is not a narrative - it is a manual.

Kevin West
Kevin West Kevin West is a highly respected and experienced psychic and spiritual medium and has demonstrated and been a teacher of these arts since 19...
Less Incomplete by Sandie Gustus

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