Theory and Practice of Visual Clairvoyance

A practical guide to seeing auras, non-physical energies and non-physical dimensions.


Paravision explores one of the richest parapsychic capacities of all: clairvoyance. There are countless references to this phenomenon in history, mystic literature, and popular culture. The approach used in the book is both practical and technical, so that this skill can be put to good use to enhance personal growth.

The term clairvoyance has different meanings depending on the line of study and period in history where it is used. This book presents clairvoyance as paravision, a visual perception beyond your physical eyes. Paravision is a type of psychic ability that allows you to see auras, non-physical energies, and non-physical dimensions. Rodrigo Medeiros presents a thorough, accessible explanation of how this phenomenon works, several step-by-step techniques for you to experience it, and fascinating accounts of clairvoyance.


Almost everyone understands the definition of "clairvoyance," literally "seeing clearly" and taken to mean either seeing the future, or seeing more than "meets the eye," as in understanding more about a person than is revealed. I think a lot of people actually do this latter process, intuitively and largely unconsciously. Author Rodrigo Medeiros recommends and teaches the art and process of "paravision" as a tool to impel personal growth and evolution. Paravision is a means of seeing beyond the ability of our physical eyes. To see Auras, nonphysical energies, and nonphysical dimensions is the goal and purpose of Paravision. The author clearly delineates techniques, and presents this in a scientific approach, including anecdotes. ~ Mallory Anne-Marie Haws , NetGalley

There are several varieties of psychic ability; clairaudience (clear hearing) and clairsentience (clear sensing) are but two examples, but in this new book, Paravision, the title is used as an encompassing term to describe clairvoyance, or the ability to see what is denied to the average person, in this case the ability to see auras and even spirit manifestation. Unlike examples others in this field, the book sets out helpful, step by step, and above all practical, techniques to enable the reader to learn how to do this for themselves. Another aspect and perhaps its best feature of the book is that it is extremely accessible and easy to read and for the novice this really does makes a world of difference. For those already well versed, or at least familiar with the subject, various aspects of the methodology used are helpful in allowing them to brush up on their techniques. Finally, what the author has successfully achieved is presenting the subject of clairvoyance as what it is, viz. (to paraphrase the late Arthur C Clarke and his thoughts on the relationship between technology and magick), another form of technology, albeit a rarefied one, but technology nonetheless. The book richly deserves a place on the bookshelf of anyone interested in the paranormal in general and mediumship in particular. Highly recommended. ~ Brian Allan , Phenomena Magazine

A fascinating work on energy perceptions. ~ Janice Bell, NatGalley

This is a book about the science behind Clairvoyance and how to do it. A wealth of information.. The author has written much detail and history here of Clairvoyance. I enjoyed learning the history behind Clairvoyance and much of the scientific facts. ~ Lori Reed, NetGalley

Rodrigo is a leader in the area of the energetic body, and clairvoyance. This book is a treasure trove of methods that you can use to refine your own powers of perception. ~ Dr. Peter Fenwick, FRCPsych

A well thought out guidebook for the practice of visual clairvoyance. ~ Robert Bruce, Author of Astral Dynamics

In recent years, “clairvoyance” and “remote viewing” have received considerable attention in both the parapsychological literature and the popular media. In this provocative book, Rodrigo Medeiros presents step-by-step instructions to develop visual clairvoyance as a vehicle for spiritual evolution. Some readers will find this procedure too esoteric, but others will discover a personal discipline that will enrich their lives and uncover new dimensions of experience. ~ Stanley Krippner, Ph.D. Co-author Personal Mythology

Paravision represents an exceptional contribution to existing understanding of this fascinating phenomenon, explaining in depth, and from a scientific perspective, the mechanisms that give rise to it. With over 20 years’ experience in teaching conscientiology, over 15 years’ researching paravision, and a wealth of personal experience, Rodrigo’s expertise allows us to understand paravision, to experience it ourselves, and to harness its power as a tool for personal evolution. ~ Sandie Gustus, Author, Less Incomplete: A Guide to Experiencing the Human Condition beyond the Physical Body

Rodrigo M Medeiros
Rodrigo M Medeiros Rodrigo Medeiros has been teaching psychic development and personal growth classes for over 20 years. One of his areas of interest has been ...
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