Mediumship Within

Mediumship Within

Practical advice is integrated with personal experience to inform and guide the reader on the development of mediumship and healing.


In this book Chris Ratter combines practical advice with personal experience to inform and guide the reader on the development of mediumship and healing.
Each person who undertakes to develop their mediumship will experience occasional concerns and doubts. Chris Ratter illustrates how, with dedication, trust and by maintaining an open mind, these hurdles may be overcome to make it a wonderful and fulfilling journey.


I buy many books Chris and I can’t recommend your book highly enough. The information you provide is not available everywhere. It is easy to read and understand, and I find it hard to put it down so it would be a good read for everyone. Your personal stories add to the authenticity. I can’t wait to read your next book. ~ Lynda Frame , Facebook

Excellent Book, Easy to read, very well explained ~ Dorothy Nantelon,

Wonderful easy to read book! Can relate to a lot of what he says in the book regarding my own spiritual journey. Totally recommend it to everyone, it's hard to put down once you start reading it. May he bring out more in the future. Well done Chris Ratter ~ Gina Mackay , Amazon

I do believe we are spiritual beings living in a human body, however it is sometimes so easy to forget that. I have taken courses and read many books and have been left with some big questions about mediumship, about our "spirit guides," about "blending / meditating / sitting in the power." I have had some experiences that I don't know are spiritual or not and wanted answers. One night, it seemed so random, the link to "Mediumship Within" by Chris Ratter showed up on my computer screen. For less that $5 on Kindle, I figured I'd buy it. When I started reading it I was shocked (in a good way). The author found himself of a similar journey as myself. The book tells his personal story of how he first started believing in the Spirit World, to his journey of learning to connect with them and ultimately the career path he is now on. It is a marvelous and easy read and SO INSPIRATIONAL. If you are on the spiritual path (which I am guessing you are as you are reading this review) take a chance and purchase this book. Here are some of the words that have made the most difference from me (excerpts from the book)... "The people from the Spirit World are never going to harm anyone. They are love, nothing less, and they only want to bring that love to those of us on the material plane, together with the understanding that we are all connected through the love of Divine Spirit." "If you accept, and allow spirit people to come into your life, it will become your greatest journey of awakening. The energy that they bring will touch your heart." "People develop their gifts at different rates; your gift can only manifest itself when the time is right for you, and for the Spirit Realm." "You must always be mindful of the fact that mediumship is not just a gift of communication. It is a contract to be of service to the Divine Creator.(remember the whole purpose of this work is to help others, not yourself)." I must have 40 highlights in the book. I am so grateful the journey Chris Ratter has been on and how much insight and information he is giving me in my own journey. If this book calls to you, take a chance and read it. I am sure glad that I did! -Sandra Champlain, author of and host of We Don't Die Radio Show ~ Sandra Champlain, Facebook

Well written and informative, more than just trance work, a good base for those on their develope,not journey. ~ Spirit of Eve, Amazon

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking to develop, or who have an interest in the world of mediumship/healing. Chris has an engaging and compassionate writing style packed with warmth, honesty and humour making it a fancinating and insightful read of his journey to date. Truly is a page turner and I hope we see more from Chris in the future. ~ JJones, Amazon

Love This Book Love this book Its Worth Buying Its Really Interesting ~ Marjorybrown, Amazon

I love this Book It came into my life and sat on my kindle long before I read it. I bought it as a friend to support Chris. However I read it because I felt at that point in my life I needed too. I read this book when after I started Trance healing with Animals. I Am not a people person I will let others do people. I Just love this book so very informative all should read it. I love the way Chris has put things about his development in his early days. I have recommended this book to others and all the people who will Join my Circle will be asked to read this as its such a great book..Highly recommend this book. If you have a chance and are interested in any form of Mediumship this is the book for you. ~ Amazon customer, Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars . It took me several weeks to read this fabulous book because there is so much knowledge and information shared in it that I had to stop and digest before moving on. The book is very welcoming and the reader might almost feel he or she is sitting across the table from the author listening to him talk. The information and experiences shared are very helpful for anyone seeking the path to mediumship and beyond. 5 stars from me and I really look forward to more from this author. (I was also chuffed to receive the first signed copy when I attended a recent workshop) By Sheelagh Roseno ~ Sheelagh Roseno, Amazon

Chris what an amazing book you and spirit team have written, a very inspiring book with it been written in a very humble and truthful manner. Just soo privileged to have meet you , and just wanted to say thank you very much Chris , for your continued support and guidance . ~ Anne Marie Plante, Facebook

Just want it to say Thank You Chris Ratter what an amazing book this is. Honestly ever since I have started my own journey I was looking for answers and it was so hard to find anything that would make scene. Until one day you and your team have came a long to guide us in the right direction and also provided answers no one else was able to give.Your book has honestly answered everything I needed. Also having to hear your story and being able to see what spirit world can achieve is amazing. Thank you and your team so much for wanting to share such amazing story and experiences and for wanting to help us. ~ Angelica Elizabeth , Facebook

This book answers all the questions I did not know how to ask with experiences I can related too. I can not wait to read more from this great teacher and his spirit team. ~ Eoin Flanagan , Amazon

Excellent book .when reading you can relate to the experience s. Great down to earth manor and fantastic guidance .This is a great book to go back to once you have read and will help many people on their own journey .I do hope there will be more to follow . ~ Suzy Wan, Amazon

I've just finished reading "Mediumship Within " by the amazing Chris Ratter. I am impressed by the down to earth approach to a subject not quite of this earth. It took a lot of the mystery surrounding mediumship and made it easy to understand. The practical exercises are tools that I have used and will continue to do so. I would highly recommend it as a great read for those who wish to pursue mediumistic studies and even for those who don't. Definitely a 5 star read ~ Donna Mantle, Facebook

Just finished reading this book - it is fab. I loved your honesty throughout the book. I read it wanting to know more - an excellent, inspiring read. ~ Sue Almond, Facebook

I have just finished reading your book, I couldn't put it down, very interesting and informative, I too, like others have mentioned wanted it to go on. ~ Jane Oakley, Facebook

I am really enjoying your fantastic book, you make it very down to earth and understandable. it sinks into my mind quicker reading the tips from your book. ~ Liz Lizzybits McCue, Facebook

Thank you Net Galley and John Hunt Publishing for the ARC of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. The author is a Scottish medium, and I'm very particular about this type of book. I'm happy to say that Ratter's information is helpful, he has great tips, information and I enjoyed it a great deal. ~ Sue Fernandez, Amazon and Goodreads

I have just finished reading this delightful book by Scottish Trance Medium Chris Ratter. Currently the only psychic surgeon residing in Scotland, Chris Ratter shares his personal experiences along with practical advice on developing trance mediumship. Chris explains the different types of development circles and which ones are best suited for psychic healers. He graciously offers his expert tips on working with guides, avoiding pitfalls, and opening up to the gift of spiritual healing. Easy to read and written in a friendly, approachable style, the author's anecdotes of his early years in development will intrigue and inspire you. I highly recommend this book to those curious about developing their healing abilities. This book is suitable for beginners and intermediates in psychic development. ~ Gina Francesca, (Via NetGalley)

I have been fortunate enough to receive an advance copy of this book and wanted to take the time to provide a short summary and review of Mediumship Within. For those of you who don't know, Chris Ratter is a Psychic Surgeon who is building a network of successful clinics throughout the UK, Southern Ireland and Europe on the basis of his reputation and the results attained by his healing team and himself. This book charts the story of his early involvement with Spirit and how even as a young child, he seemed to be unknowingly tutored by Spirit, presumably in preparation for the work that would come later in his adult years. It is an honest overview of the stages of development he went through telling many stories of his experiences with Spirit and what worked, and what didn't work for him as his faculties unfolded. It also includes an overview of some of the techniques and exercises that particularly worked for Chris, which could easily be used by the readers in their own development. Mediumship Within really is about the unfolding of Chris' faculties but it also includes some wonderful stories of his relationship with Spirit and some of the remarkable healings that have been achieved. It is written in a pragmatic, humble manner with no pretensions or ego; anybody with an interest in working with Spirit or healing will, I'm sure, find this to be an honest and heart-warming insight into a remarkable journey. ~ Dmac17, Amazon

Now I know we all are aiming for better in our daily lives, which is why it's important to trust you (the inner you) and take the time to develop spiritually. We are designed to be of great use by our divine creator and to live a life of peace and happiness. Buy, read, and pass it down to the next person in the family who has great interest, some people may not have a clue that they are spiritual, but you the elder passing it on will see clarity and know when the time is right to pass on these books of wisdom. I rated 5 stars because it's clear to understand and learn ~ Shamara Tamara Pollard, NetGAlley

I enjoyed the details of the authors early experiences, and I didn't realise there were so many courses, groups and workshops you can take on the subject. I am surprised there are so many rules governing the practise, and wonder what the spirits think about this ? I strongly believe that we all have the ability to heal ourselves by connecting directly to the source. If you do not have faith in yourself you can always go via the spirits world. It is all good, and many people find huge comfort in good mediums. The author is obviously gifted in this area and I wish him well in using his talents to bring comfort, hope and healing to his patients. ~ JC Cross, NetGalley to Goodreads

Everything as promised ~ Amazon customer, Amazon

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