Immortal Yearnings

Immortal Yearnings

Mystical Imaginings and Primordial Affirmations of the Afterlife

Journey into the vivid, dynamic world of archetypes and symbols to rediscover ancient eternal truths.


The archetypal and symbolic qualities of mystical states of consciousness are ineffable, timeless, and fleeting, but they act as powerful reminders that it is possible to transcend our limited understanding to glimpse a unified eternal reality, which we are part of. The pilgrimage of life ends in death--there is no denial of this fact, but in Immortal Yearnings, we are asked to consider whether by giving the symbolism from universal imaginings a voice, we can use our perception to enrich our myths about death.

Annamaria Hemingway PhD is a writer,
speaker, spiritual counselor and member of the International Association for Near-Death Studies.


The content of Immortal Yearnings for most of us, takes us beyond our normal worldview and is highly recommended required reading for those of us who want to gain an indepth understanding of near-death experiences, deathbed visions, and mystical states of consciousness. The writing flows easily and is understandable by anyone, but is also excellently referenced and researched. If you are yearning, like many people, to link current metaphysical events to past knowledge and discover an eternal primordial affirmation of death and rebirth, you will be very happy with this book. ~ John H. Sphar, Founder and Coordinator of South Bay International Association for Near-Death Studies

Annamaria Hemingway has done it again in her new book Immortal Yearnings. Hemingway brings us to the ultimate questions of how we view our mortality and the afterlife, by revealing ancient wisdom and how this aligns with contemporary beliefs. This is sure to be a required resource book in everyone's library. Highly recommended. ~ David Bennett, Author of Voyage of Purpose: Spiritual Wisdom from Near-Death back to Life

I have just read the best book I have ever read regarding life after death! Annamaria Hemingway has penned a work of great literary merit and one that speaks to the heart of our longing for eternal life. In her new work Immortal Yearnings, Annamaria provides an eloquent history of primordial forms, archetypes, and other images shared by all throughout the world--images that powerfully suggest a universal longing or memory before and after the term given to our physical bodies in the here and now. Interlacing mythological and archetypal knowledge as a metaphor with imprints of the near-death journey, Annamaria provides a fresh insight into the spiritual potential that lies within each of us. Her new book is an adventure that journeys into the depths of the human psyche and with almost spell binding style, from the first chapter to the last, the reader is gripped by the promise of a treasure more meaningful than all the wealth in the world. Annamaria's own account, where her father phoned her after his death, will give you goosebumps--but then you will experience a variety of emotions as you read this compelling and inspiring work. I strongly urge you to enjoy exploring Immortal Yearnings. ~ Eldon Taylor, PhD, FAPA, New York Times Bestselling Author of Choices and Illusions

In Immortal Yearnings, Annamaria Hemingway traces and identifies cultural myths, rites of passage, and the religious practices of early civilizations, which have been preserved throughout history in sacred texts and the writings of early philosophers. She highlights the similarities between this vast spiritual legacy and contemporary near-death experiences. Immortal Yearnings illustrates how ancient myths, texts, rituals, and customs relating to an afterlife appear to be far more than a collection of fairy tales. It is made apparent that near-death experiences are indelibly stamped on the human psyche and that such mystical experiences were recognized and considered an important part of life in many ancient cultures. It is only the advent of the scientific era that relegates such spiritual phenomena to the realm of the inexplicable, paranormal or hallucinations. This book demonstrates quite clearly that our current science has a lot of catching up to do in understanding the human psyche. ~ Dr. Penny Sartori, Phd, RGN, Author of The Near-Death Experiences of Hospitalized Intensive Care Patients: A Five Year Study

Annamaria Hemingway
Annamaria Hemingway Annamaria Hemingway, Ph.D., is a writer, speaker, and spiritual counselor in the practice of conscious living and dying. A personal quest to...
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