High Love - Still Connected

High Love - Still Connected

A true story of momentous signs and reflections, from desolate grief to healing peace.


High Love - Still Connected is a true account of the enduring love taken to new levels between the author and his wife. It elevates spiritual health and offers hope and strength principally to people who have lost loved ones, but also to anyone curious enough to discover an unusual story of love, life and beyond.


https://consciouslivingmagazine.com.au/2018/01/13/high-love-still-connected-andrew-bentley/ ~ Conscious Living Magazine

http://bluewolf-reviews.com/books/new-age/high-love-still-connected/ ~ Blue Wolf Reviews

Moving and passionate - an amazing story that highlights the true power of love. ~ Emily Haddington, Soul & Spirit Magazine

Andrew Bentley offers a heartfelt and moving story about life, death, and unconditional love from the Afterworld. As I read this book, the only word I could think of that describes the relationship between this husband and wife, is love. High Love - Still Connected is a marvelous depiction of proof of life after death. Winnie's warmth and compassion for her family and friends is a pristine example of how loved ones departed never leave those they left behind. Her signs prove that even in death, love conquers and continues to grow. ~ Lyn Ragan, author of Wake Me Up! How Chip's Afterlife Saved Me

This lovely book will speak the language of eternity to all those who have loved and lost. Touching, healing and heartfelt. ~ Theresa Cheung, Sunday Times best selling author

Amidst the heartbreak of losing his beloved Winnie, Andrew found comfort and solace in the ways that her spirit spoke to him. Messages from his departed wife found their way across the divide between this realm and the next. As Andrew recounts his heartfelt journey, his book serves as a reminder that those we love are only a thought away. ~ Denise Linn, author of Signposts

Told from the heart, Andrew Bentley’s book offers evidence aplenty that the so-called dead continue to exist in a higher realm and nothing can sever the bond of love. Andrew provides proof that survival after death is a living reality and those Beyond likewise provide meaningful signs and signals they are still very much around. High Love - Still Connected will bring comfort, calm, hope and healing to all who read it. ~ Tony Ortzen, editor, Two Worlds

Andrew D. Bentley
Andrew D. Bentley Andrew Bentley never envisaged writing a book in his life. The tragic loss of his beloved wife changed everything, intuition compelling him ...
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