Hidden Secrets of a Modern Seer, The

Hidden Secrets of a Modern Seer, The

Near death experiences and psychic battles between good and evil. Multidimensional experiences. Demons and Angelic Helpers. Transforming into purer Light.


The Hidden Secrets of a Modern Seer focuses on Cher's personal and intense journey of spiritual transformation, including trials, tests and initiations, dramatic but sometimes sublime and fantastical manifestations, past life visions and predictions. Cher's very honest narrative encompasses her life from age four when a near death accident triggered her psychic gifts, stretching through to the age of thirty-five describing her mystical experiences and life as a professional medium, healer and counsellor. This book also focuses on her fascinating journey into other spiritual realms.


Cher shines with an authentic gift as an inspirational healer. ~ Sonia Ducie, AIN. Numerologist and Author

Cher Chevalier is a rare find; a down to earth practical woman who happens to inhabit the psychic world. Approaching her subject with a no nonsense approach, and a straight forward uncomplicated attitude, The Hidden Secrets of a Modern Seer is exactly that – a delicious delve into Cher’s secret world; a contemporary account of a remarkable unseen life, which although glimpsed by many, remains for most of us, out of sight. ~ Jason Karl, TV Presenter and Theatrical Producer

Cher Chevalier is a phenomenal psychic, one of the absolute best. Read this book, you will be enlightened and amazed. ~ Anna Van Praagh, Journalist

I have spoken to Cher a number of times over the past few years, in both good times and bad. She has always proven to be a valued and trustworthy adviser. Her predictions have unfailingly come to pass, and her accurate assessment of the people and situations in one's life are truly startling. Gentle though she is, Cher certainly does not mince her words when it comes to passing on a message that needs to be heard! For this I am forever grateful. Cher has a great gift and great wisdom in it's application. She helped open my eyes to a whole new realm, and indeed a whole new inner life when I needed it most. I remain forever in her debt. ~ Natasha Beaumont, Actress

Cher represents a far higher order of personhood than I have ever encountered. Her intuition is superior and her demeanour is very professional. It's an honour to know her and I see great things in Cher. ~ J D Elliott, Author and Photographer

Cher guides me through problems and helps my mind when things get tough. She is so good at what she does, I feel truly thankful to have been introduced to her. I shall speak with her forever. ~ Natalie Cassidy, Actress

Cher has been my guide through many troubled times. Her honesty, accuracy and spiritual guidance have helped me overcome many problems I have encountered. She has a calming influence on my often chaotic life and has taught me to be strong for myself. Where would I be without her? I'm not sure....But I am wishing her well as always, and I hope her book helps many others. ~ Nicola Coleman, Make-Up Artist

Cher Chevalier
Cher Chevalier Cher Chevalier is a world-renowned Spiritual Adviser, Co-Writer of meditations that launched Calm, iTunes App of The Year 2017, Co-Creator o...
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