Soul to Soul Connections

Soul to Soul Connections

Comforting Messages from the Spirit World

Carole J. Obley shows us how to heal relationships with deceased loved ones and open our hearts to grow spiritually.


 In Soul to Soul Connections, spiritual medium Carole J. Obley shows us how we can transform unfinished business from the past into profound spiritual understanding and experience true freedom of being. By sharing inspiring, real stories from her extensive case files of direct communication with clients deceased loved ones, she leads us into our own heart and soul to relinquish guilt,anger, grief and fear. Readers will also receive expert guidance on opening and trusting their personal connection to the loving wisdom of the Other Side and to their own intuition. This book offers healing and comfort to anyone wanting to forgive and feel at peace.


…simply the most beautifully written work I have read about the continuation of consciousness after physical transition… a “must read” for anyone who has lost a loved one and is struggling with the grieving process. Ms. Obley's descriptions of her contact with those who have passed through the veil of physicality validate the existence of the soul in the afterlife and offer hope to those who grieve the passing of life. Rev. Barbara S. Delozier, Msc.D., host of the Metaphysical Edge radio I cannot recommend this book strongly enough. Ms. Obley describes the emotions and concerns of both the living and those who have crossed over, cohesively presenting both viewpoints in an incredibly engaging manner. This book is a compelling read for those wondering about the everlasting journey of the soul. Shay Parker, Founder of Best American Psychics Through the years, I have worked with many healers and mediums; I would describe Carole Obley as both. Her whole mission in connecting with those here and beyond is to seek peace for them. She shares this wonderful gift with us page by page, and in the process, we just might find our own healing. Carol Lee Espy, radio and TV producer/host Very informative, inspiring and well written... A must read for anyone wanting to know about the experiences of life here and in the here-after... Rev.John C.Lilek, Executive Director of the Universal Institute of Advanced Mediumship ~

Carole J. Obley
Carole J. Obley Professional spiritual medium Carole J. Obley has communicated with souls who have crossed into the spirit world through thousands of privat...
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