Evolutionary Metaphors

Evolutionary Metaphors

UFOs, New Existentialism and the Future Paradigm

An exploration of the occult, esoteric, imaginative and creative speculations that have resonated around the UFO phenomenon.

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Evolutionary Metaphors is an exploration of the many occult, esoteric, imaginative as well as creative speculations that have resonated around the UFO phenomenon. Understanding the phenomena as an archetypal challenge to our cultural limitations, the author, David J. Moore, incorporates Colin Wilson’s optimistic ‘new existentialism’ with the recent studies in ufology.

The book presents a spiritual and philosophical foundation for the creative integration of our consciousness towards anomalous experience. It is a call for what Carl Jung called ‘active imagination’ and Coleridge’s poetic-imaginative access to the deeper streams of consciousness - that which exists below the iceberg. By presenting a fresh approach in the inter-disciplinary spirit, Moore offers a vision into human existence - as well as the symbolical realities - that aims to integrate our evolutionary minds with a new understanding of reality.


David Moore is one of a new generation of scholars inspired by the work of Colin Wilson (1931-2013). Assessments of Wilson to date, however, have concentrated on his early work as an existentialist philosopher, largely ignoring his later interests. In Evolutionary Metaphors David Moore takes as his focus Wilson’s latter fascination with the ‘UFO Phenomenon’ as revealed in his 1998 book Alien Dawn. In so doing he provides a fresh and stimulating view of the work of one of the most fascinating and challenging authors of our time. ~ Colin Stanley, author of Colin Wilson’s Occult Trilogy

Do flying saucers come from outer space, or the inner mind? In Evolutionary Metaphors David Moore brilliantly suggests they may originate in that strange liminal dimension that exists "betwixt and between"reality and dream, neither "inside" nor "out," which we know as the imagination. But what exactly is that? As Moore's hermeneutical journey reveals, it is nothing less than a mystery as mysterious as the UFOs themselves. Like a phenomenological man in black, Moore pursues abductor and abductee, and finds that the evidence for extraterrestrials poses some fundamental questions about reality itself. No spacecraft required. Reading this alone will take you out of this world. ~ Gary Lachman, author of Dark Star Rising: Magick and Power in the Age of Trump

David J. Moore
David J. Moore David J. Moore is from Wordsley, West Midlands. He studied English Literary Studies at the University of Worcester, and lectured at both the...
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