Dead Men Talking

Dead Men Talking

The Beginning of the Black Light

The tales of dead men are the truest kind. A restless murdered soul tells tales of love, betrayal, death and prostitution.


Catherine has a special gift; it’s a blessing and a curse. She is haunted by demons, ghosts from her family’s past and from Glasgow’s disturbing history.

A 19th century murder, 21st century prostitution ring and 20th century drowning. Meet Pat Jones, a restless murdered soul who tells the tale of stolen love, betrayal, murder and prostitution. It all becomes very personal for Catherine Fleming a young psychic who quickly becomes embroiled in a murky Glasgow underworld she had never imagined in her worst nightmares. The more she tries to ignore the voices, the more she is drawn into the realm of the dead and the world of human trafficking.

Can she discover the secret buried deep within her family's history and the secrets hidden in a city linking the past with the present?

It began with Pat Jones and a river... where will it end?


Nikki Mackay may have started a new genre: the psychic thriller. This is a gripping story about reluctant medium Catherine, the echoes of Glasgow’s murky past mingling with a seedy present day, with some romance grown in for good measure. A well-written, fascinating insight into the burden of a psychic Dead Men Talking is a reminder that the past always shapes the future. I couldn’t put it down. Daily Record & Sunday Mail Journalist Katrina Tweedie ~ Katrina Tweedie, Daily Record & Sunday Mail Journalist

I have just finished reading Nikki MacKay's new book Dead Men Talking. She has used her knowledge and spiritual background to bring together a captivating story woven with intrigue and mystery which makes the reader want more. The story surround a medium who is the central character and how she connects with the spirit world for information, albeit a story, it is also helpful in informing the reader how intuition and mediumship actually works and I could personally relate to this side of it. I really loved the book and didn’t want to put it down. ~ Joan Charles, Author of An Angel Walked Beside Me and Scottish Sun Oracle columnist.

A tense, mesmerising thriller whose heroine's gift of communicating with the dead draws her into dark and dangerous waters, not just in Victorian Glasgow but in the modern city, with its prostitution, woman trafficking, drugs and gangs. I read it in a single sitting... and so will you! ~ Jean Rafferty, Journalist and author of Myra, Beyond Saddleworth

In her book Nikki McKay takes us to another world, the world of the dead, a world that is strange, at times extremely scary and, as it interfaces with the present, definitely opens your eyes to the underbelly of our Scottish society as it is revealed in it's absolute horror. Psychics can undoubtedly help police in their quest to unravel sordid crime of this nature, the crime against the feminine energy which is demonstrated in so many different ways around this planet. A riveting, compelling read. ~ Patricia Iris, Clear Channel for Source and the Divine Feminine.

Nikki Mackay
Nikki Mackay Nikki Mackay is a family constellator and an experienced historical medium. As a medical physicist she has researched the effects of ene...
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