Consciousness Becomes You

Consciousness Becomes You

Understanding your connection to everything through the mind of a telepath.


Imagine for a moment that your consciousness could leave your brain. What could you learn and discover? What could you accomplish if your mind could travel wherever you focused it, to understand anything you desire, directly, from the inside out? How would your relationships improve? What would the world look like if we could all understand one another on such an intimate level? What if you were told that that your consciousness not only can leave your brain, but that it already does, and that we are all immersed in a telepathic experience of the world, though few of us realize it?
In Consciousness Becomes You, the authors share personal stories, grounded conversation, and scientific research to explain that part of our minds, the connected mind, is connected to everyone and everything. Beginning with how we already experience this connection in life, the book explores how this connection functions, its uses, and the myriad of ways we all already receive and share telepathic information.


This book reminds us that the limits of our reality are the limits of our imagination. The crisis we are facing is not just an economic or political crisis, it's also a spiritual and metaphysical crisis. We are in the midst of a mass initiatory process as a civilization and in order to make it through the birth canal, we must awaken to all of the powers that lie dormant underneath the sediment of rationalism, selfishness, separation from Nature and the cannibalism of late-stage capitalism. ~ Alnoor Lada,

Angie  Aristone
Angie Aristone Working as a psychic-medium and animal telepath for over 15 years, Angie came to realize that consciousness to consciousness communication, ...

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