Audible Life Stream, The

Audible Life Stream, The

Ancient Secret of Dying While Living

The secret to unlocking your purpose in life is solving the mystery of death while still living.


The Audible Life Stream, or Primordial Sound Current, is the all-pervasive universal consciousness within everyone. Few realise there is credible evidence indicating that Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, and so on, all perfected the meditative technique of turning their attention inwards, thereby merging with the Audible Life Stream, to become adepts of dying while living. The Audible Life Stream: Ancient Secret of Dying While Living is the first book to provide convincing evidence of the Audible Life Stream and emphasise the importance of it to every human being, since none of us can escape the clutches of the Lord of Death. This unique book provides evidence of the Audible Life Stream from a variety of sources, including, independent testimonials of near-death experiences and out-of-body experiences from people in USA, UK and Australia; excerpts from major religious texts; simply explained quantum physics principles; and independent anecdotes from the increasingly popular field of sound/music therapy.


Absolutely awesome read. Bravo to the author for writing in a manner that doesn't take a myopic view point on any religion or sect, in fact explains spirituality as a science. ~ Pervinder Daklow, (UK)

As a devotee of a Path of Light and Sound, and having experienced these as my True Self, I am greatly appreciative of Mr. Conwell for his profound research and insights. If he had added that The Buddha taught a Path of Light and Sound, the book would be perfect. Note: the author is not a devotee of my tradition, thus lending even more credibility to this research. Thank you, Mr. Conwell. ~ Doris Hall, (US)

An innovative and in-depth analysis...Ancient masters such as Jesus, Krishna, Buddha spoke of celestial harmonic streams...and higher states of being where one can consciously live abundantly and die in a sacred state of harmony and grace. References and excerpts from major religious texts, mysticism in-hand with quantum physics principles are interwoven with ancient teachings...Alistair contributes to the redefining on technology and wellbeing. ~ Rev. Jan Porter, Mystical Voices Magazine

For those who are both scientific and spiritual this is a must read. It ties together many ideas that I have come to know through the two different worlds that I live it...physics and sant mat. Absolutely fantastic! Once you learn to die while living, you understand the purpose of life. ~ Ann Kammerer,

This is the best-written, most comprehensive source for understanding consciousness that I have ever laid eyes on. I found myself hanging on every word, underlining just about every page, turning down almost every corner; and now I plan to read it again, this time with different color highlighters to squeeze even more out of this juicy, most important work. Thank you for a superb, beautifully written guide to living and dying...and more importantly, dying while living. ~ Stephanie J. Vestal ,

From the moment of reading the contents page a story is told and you just know that this is a good book...Conwell attempts to provide convincing evidence of the 'Audible Life Stream' (or primordial 'Sound Current') which is described as the all-pervasive universal consciousness within everyone, and emphasises the importance of it to every human being since none of us can escape the clutches of death...This is a must-read for all. Highly recommended. ~ , Odyssey Magazine

If you are on your path to wanting to enrich your life with more knowledge of spirituality, then this is your book. There is a lot of information within the book that I would have to read many books to obtain. Very informative and a must have.  

~ Des ,

Sacred sounds and the Audible Life Stream as discussed in Alistair’s work add to the blending of spirituality and scientific knowledge-base offering a pathway for spiritual growth. Integrating out-of-body experiences, the big bang theory and black holes as spiritual applications for alleviating modern lifestyle crises such as disease and other prolific stressors, Alistair contributes to the re-defining of technology and well-being. This knowledge and research toward possibilities in any field is simply mind-boggling.

~ Rev. Jan Porter, Spiritualist Minister and Writer

The book was fantastic. Death has never sounded more beautiful (no pun intended!)...Your book made death so attractive that at times while I was reading the book I looked forward to my own physical death. I wondered who I would see, the places I’d go and the music I would hear...The book was an easy read and very informative.  

~ Monticue Connally, Society of Skeptics and Mystics

I would recommend this intriguing find to anyone wanting a clearer understanding of our living/dying process.

~ Rikki Frahmann, Mystic Living Today Magazine

Your new book is quite unique in that it shows us a connection between topics like near-death experiences, out-of-body experiences, the big bang, black holes, mysticism, meditation and even superstring theory to name a few... Get this book won't regret it... ~ Jean Adrienne, Radio Host, Inner Speak Soul Adventures

This is an extremely well researched book which delves into the mystical realms of most world religions and beliefs. It does rather read as if it were intended to be a thesis for a higher degree course, however, as such it gives one all the references one might need to do more research for oneself. It deals with a subject very dear to my heart, the great fear which is current in society today of death. In doing so Conwell not only looks at what ancient mystics have to say on the subject, he delves deeply into the recorded details of many out-of-body and near death experiences. In doing this he has come across the fact that many people experiencing the above, not only find themselves in another place, but they also experience sound. These sounds he relates to the Music of the Spheres talked about by the ancients, but now verified by the scientists. A very interesting book. ~ Sheena Whorlow, New Vision Magazine

There is so much in the book, the book is amazing. It's amazing that you were able to cover so much in this wonderful book and I think you did a great job. I'm grateful to you and I'm sure that everyone who reads it will be grateful. Thank you so much for doing such special work and including it in this special book. ~ Andrea Garrison, Radio Host, On-line with Andrea

People may experience the Audible Life Stream in near-death experiences, in out-of-the-body episodes, and in mystical voyages into their own deepest selves. To hear the Audible Life Stream is to receive healing, which is the restoration of wholeness. To live with the Audible Life Stream is to overcome the fear of death, for it is the realization of the ever-present here-and-now-ness of life. It is, in the words of the last Harry Potter book, The Deathly Hallows, to become a “Master of Death”.

~ John Algeo, Former President of the Theosophical Society in America.

Impeccably researched and presented, this important book outlines the historical presence of the Primordial Sound Current – Shabd or Nada – as it weaves its way through the ancient teachings and practices of many paths across the planet.  Coupled with modern-day case histories of NDE and OBE experiences and scientific research, and the increasingly popular field of sound as therapy, Conwell brings together a convincing argument for survival after death, and this most direct approach to spiritual awakening.

~ Leo Drioli, Editor, Innerself Newspaper

Your book The Audible Life Stream is remarkable. There are chapters and passages in it that I would wish to write given the skill and insights you have brought to bear...I did not read a superfluous thought in it.

~ Christopher Quilkey, Editor, The Mountain Path Journal (India)

The book is wonderful. It's very well-written and easy to read. I definitely recommend it. ~ Dayna Winters, Host, ISIS Paranormal Radio Show

Conwell’s scholarly work of poetic beauty explores and explains the phenomenon of the Audible Life Stream. Sound, as a messenger offering guidance from other worldly realities, is presented as an important element in spirituality. Perfecting a contemplative meditation technique, thus seeking a path awareness which calls out from within, the reader is encouraged to explore the quest for adeptship in this inspirational book. Testimonials from those who have had out of body and near death experiences, quotations from classical religious texts and support from the principles of quantum physics are all a part of a wide array of evidence presented to support the potential for the expansion of individual consciousness in attunement to the sounds which reverberate all around us always. Readers who are facing the grieving process as well as those who seek understanding and a peaceful acceptance of the inevitably of death will be especially uplifted by this highly original volume. It has an intriguing subtitle, Ancient Secret of Dying While Living. ~ Dikki-Jo Mullen, Parapsychologist, spiritual counselor and author of 'Koo Hollie and the Corn Goddess Chronicles'

I highly recommend "The Audible Life Stream" by Alistair Conwell. I found his book well research, easy to read giving examples from past and present mystical and religious traditions of the Audible Life Stream. In conclusion, Alistair Conwell’s book offers insights that we can all relate to and nurture in our everyday lives.  ~ Iain A. Macdonald , Awakening Intuition Network

An amazingly written book, a very beautifully written book – one of the best I think I have read…The book that you’ve written is absolutely brilliant, and its so well researched…the complicated topic of spirituality has come out so simply…It’s a wonderful book…I absolutely loved it.

~ Ekta Bajaj, Host, Go Positive Radio Show (Asianstar Radio 101.6FM)

This book addresses the most uncomfortabe subject in human existence, death and dying.  However it differs from others by looking at how the process of dying can be the most potent for spiritual awakening and how we can actually bring that experience into our way of life rather than our death. 

There is an astounding amount of information within the pages but all is written in a clear and concise way so that the reader isn't too overwhelmed or the victim of condescension.

~ Zoie Coggins, Kindred Spirit

This book is worthy of investigation! The author takes the reader on a busy fast-track review of many theories proposed by philosophers and scientists from time immemorial to recent thinkers. Excerpts are presented from the perennial works of Plato, Aristotle…and contemporary writers like…Professor Paul Davies. This along with findings of researchers into out of body and near death experiences; Raymond Moody, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross and Darryl Reanney, it all contributes to make this a most fascinating and easy to read book…  

~ Brian Wood, Theosophical Society in Australia.

It is well-written, powerful, important... ~ Miguel Connor, Host, Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio Show

A very interesting and enlightening approach to the realization of, and identification with, our most inner essence, and what that provides for one’s outlook on life and the universe as a whole.  Nicely done!

~ Stephen M. Nanninga,

The book is fascinating…those who want to learn more I would recommend you pick up a copy of Alistair Conwell’s book…

~ Bob Ginsberg, Host of the Signs of Life radio show.

This is the first book to provide convincing evidence of the Audible Life Stream and emphasise the importance of it to every human being, since none of us can escape the clutches of the Lord of Death. This unique book provides evidence of the Audible Life Stream from a variety of sources. ~ The Messenger

Music and sound have always been recognized as important components in spirituality, but seldom is sound mentioned as a catalyst and gateway into the preparation for dying. Through interesting analysis and real life examples this book skillfully opens those possibilities and inspires the reader to explore the Audible Life Stream as a pathway for more abundant living and conscious dying. In writing this book Alistair Conwell has made an important contribution to near-death literature. ~ Betty Bland, President of the Theosophical Society in America and a near-death survivor.

Your words have such lyricism and the great ring of truth about them...I wish you every success with this beautiful work... ~ Maggie Hamilton, Publisher Mind, Body, Spirit, Allen & Unwin Book Publishers (Sydney, Australia).

The Audible Life Stream: Ancient Secret of Dying While Living is an excellent, well-written work. ~ Nicholas Tharcher, Former Vice-President New Falcon Publications (USA).

I receive many submissions of work in what might loosely be termed new age, or dealing with spiritual material, but I have seen the area of NDE or spirituality as lucidly and convincingly written as yours, in part because you have handled so well the scientific aspects of your theory. ~ Rosemary Creswell, The Cameron Creswell Literary Agency (Sydney, Australia).

It is an innovative, thoroughly researched presentation of an overlooked aspect of spiritual enquiry. I can heartily recommend it to anyone looking for a wider lens on matters of the spirit than provided by mainstream teachings. ~ Alan Mann, Editor, NOWletter and Capacitie website (Australia).

Alistair Conwell
Alistair Conwell Alistair Conwell was born in India and lives in Australia. He has two psychology degrees. In the early 1990s, Alistair spent three year...
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