Angel Journey Workbook, The

Angel Journey Workbook, The

Connecting with angels

Interested in Angels and want to know how to connect with them? Then this workbook can show you how


Angels are beings of energy composed of ethereal matter. Angels are androgynous, which means they are neither male or female and cannot take on human form because they are from different streams of consciousness.
The word Angel is derived from the Greek world 'Angelos' which means 'Messenger'. Christians, Muslims and many other faiths believe Angels delivered messages warning us of impending danger, and gave instructions as to what to do in a particular situation. Angels have a higher-vibratory rate, that most people cannot see and carry the essence of purity and integrity. They show themselves to us in whichever physical form best suits our immediate needs, and appear to us when we have lost our faith, and trust is broken.
The Angelic realm surrounds us on a daily basis and is working in close contact with mankind to help us raise our consciousness so that we become aware of their presences and divine guidance. So when Christmas comes around again, and you are shopping, and the Angels are displayed, this is their way of being by your side, every step of the way.


The Angel Journey Workbook: Connecting with Angels by Kylie Holmes is a wonderful tool to help us connect with our angels as well as teaching us about them in the process. We are taught what an angel is and about angels throughout history, along with the different types of angels. We are also given guidance on how to keep an angel journal. We are taught to connect with many different types of angels from the Archangels to our own guardian angels. We are guided on how to identify any negative beliefs we may have that keep us from connecting with angels. We are also shown how to connect with angels daily and are given many different exercises to help us do so. This wonderful book will help us connect with our angels. It is full of wisdom from the author's many years of experience of working with angels and that of her clients. I would recommend this book to those just starting to connect with their angels and also those who are experienced at it. I acknowledge that I received this book free of charge from 6th Books in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion of it. Here is a link to my blog: Here is a link to the review on Amazon: ~ Tiffany, Lovetoread

This is not only a workbook but a book that tells about angels in depth, tracing their relationship with humanity throughout history. Beginning with a moving account of how angels first came into Kylie's life, when she was in deep crisis, the book is filled with human interest as it draws on people's personal stories and angel encounters. It demonstrates vividly how angels can change lives. Through the pages of "The Angel Journey Workbook" angels are named by their classical names, but Kylie also shows us how to personalise our contact with angels and how to use them to enhance and bless our lives. From daily acknowledgement of the angelic realms, to calling on angels for help in times of trouble you are led to seek angelic help in your life, as a matter of course. Kylie demonstrates how working with angels is an important and serious part of spiritual growth and searching but she also shows the lightness, joy, play and celebration that angels encourage us to take part in. The exercises and workbook pages show you how to review your life and how to invoke angelic help of all kinds for self- healing, growth and the ability to make better decisions about your life and the way in which you live it. It is a book which, in my opinion, every individual, and certainly every family should own and use. If we all did so, the world could not avoid becoming a better place in which to live. ~ Ruth White ~ Psychotherapist and Spiritual Consultant, Author of : Working With Guides and Angels; Working With Spirit Guides; Working With Your Soul; Working With Your Chakras etc. All published by Piatkus Books (now part of the Little Brown Book Group).

At the tender stage of young adulthood, Kylie was visited and instructed by angels, and they gave her hope for a new life that has endured. In this workbook, Kylie shares her experiences with complete honesty. Thereafter, the workbook becomes a personal development tool for the reader. Kylie shares how to work with angels, but more profoundly, provides simple questions for the reader to respond to in writing, opening the door to deeper feelings, stories and new awareness. This book is specifically for those readers who love to learn, grow, and experience a spiritual relationship with the angels. ~ Dr. Caron Goode, award-winning author of the international best seller, Kids Who See Ghosts, guide them through fear.

Kylie Holmes has written a wonderful book that explains how to work with angels. It is a beautiful manual of how to not only bring angels into your life, but how to easily work with them once you recognize they are always there. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in going forward on this path of angelic higher learning. It is a beautiful work book with pages of endless potential of spiritual growth and knowledge held in its pages. ~ Lisa Beachy , Spiritual Intuitive Life Coach, Master Reiki Practitioner, ACP - Angel Practitioner & Adv. Theta Healer.

Kylie Holmes has written a 'must have' for any serious student of Angelic beings. This wonderful & informative book will serve as a trusty companion on your Angel journey. Laden with information & insights, it will surely bring Angel blessings to all those who read this work. This book comes from the heart, in it, Kylie shares her very personal life experiences of living with Angels, & is in turn,an inspiring, uplifting & heart warming book. Thank you Kylie.

Kylie Holmes is a classic example of someone who can tell you exactly how angels work, through her own experiences. I always think that if you need help you should go to someone who is strong themselves, and Kylie would be my choice. In her book she shares golden drops of angel wisdom as readily as if they were raindrops. ~ Jenny Smedley, best-selling author of Angel Whispers and Pets Have Souls Too.

Kylie Holmes offers a refreshing approach to working with Angels with this wonderful new workbook. Whether you’re setting out on your journey of angelic discovery or want to bring a new awareness to your Angel Work, this book can offer a range of insights which will help you along your personal path. ~ Delphi Ellis, GMTV's Dreamologist

My new favorite angel book! A wonderful offering that provides the reader with all they could possibly wish to know about angels, and most importantly how angels can become a part of their life. Kylie Holmes take an ethereal subject and brings it home to the reader. A hugely informative, useful and entertaining book. Both a pleasure and an education to read! ~ Alice Grist, Author, Tarot Advisor and Reiki Practitioner

The universal energies that influence and shape the material world are known by many names. Some call them devas, elementals or spirits and call the flow of this energy ki or chi, the Tao, Great Spirit or even quantum force. Kylie prefers angels and she has produced a lovely and very practical little book which will show you how to work with these energies to create miracles, blessings and power in your life. The Angel Journey Workbook could transform your world! ~ Ross Heaven, Author of The Hummingbird's Journey to God and The Sin Eater's Last Confessions

Having known Kylie Holmes for over 13 years I was thrilled to be asked to review her latest book about Angels. After reading her last book ˜Intuitive Children" I had high hopes and was not disappointed. I believe that "The Angel Journey Workbook" could become a classic in terms of its refreshingly clear and simple approach whilst keeping the magic alive through personal anecdotes and experience drawn from a wide range of people. A must read for anyone interested in Angels. ~ Alison Roberts, Reiki Master Teacher & Life Coach

Following on from her great first book on "Intuitive Children", Kylie has again brought forward a book which will certainly help all those who are seeking to understand the world of spirit and work with the spiritual realms. In this instance the Angelic Kingdom. This wonderful unique book is very comprehensive and contains all that anybody should need to help them understand and receive benefit from connecting with and experiencing Angels. If you have had an Angelic experience and want to know more or are simply interested in this subject then this book contains all that you will require to start on a fantastic journey of discovery. Kylie in her direct and easy-to-understand style has brought together all elements required to assist you and inspire you to get the best of possible outcomes from interacting with these Angelic beings who are there to serve and assist us twenty-four/seven. Kylie offers clear and concise clarification and brings us information which cuts through a lot of the mis-information and confusion which currently exists around Angels. She also brings knowledge and wisdom on the different levels and types of Angels and shows us how they operate around us and how they appear before us. This wonderful book is full of practical guidance and methods to work with which will offer you great assistance and may I say, paradoxically, "down to earth" methods of understanding and connecting to these magnificent loving beings who are always with us........" ~ George David Fryer, Spiritual Esoteric Teacher & Visionary Artist

Kylie Holmes
Kylie Holmes Kylie Holmes, though a naturally intuitive person, has refined her skills through regular meditation, self-development techniques and MBS re...
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