An Angels' Guide to Working with the Power of Light

An Angels' Guide to Working with the Power of Light

Discovering her ability to communicate with angels, the author records their inspirational messages of guidance and answers to universal questions.


Born out of the author’s cry for help, and the surprise at receiving an answer from angels, come these inspirational channelled messages giving guidance and answers to questions that are universal to all mankind.  The angels made it clear that their words in print carry the essence of the divine, positively affecting all who read them.

The methods and techniques given by the angels to heal physical and mental pain, in answers to the author’s questions, are in fact answers to issues we all face at this time.

The key theme throughout the angels messages is Transformation.  Transformation from Fear, Despair and Ill Health to Joy, Abundance, Happiness and Well-being by following the Truth of our Hearts, by the Power of our Minds, by Forgiveness (of ourselves and others), and through Gratitude and Trust.

This book is not a story but a guide to self-empowerment through the power of light and love.  A power which transforms, as it did for the author, all that is negative and dark to all that is positive and light.


A truly insightful book that has the power to transform people's lives by offering hope, guidance, and clarity on many of the issues that we face.

~ David R Hamilton PhD, author of Why Kindness is Good for You., Motivational speaker, author and pioneering holistic scientist


An important book, written in a frank and revealing style. Laura shows that she is a gifted channel for the angels. It includes angelic guidance about the coming changes to the world, and about how we can each personally improve our lives. Highly recommended. 

~ Darren Linton, International Angel Teacher and Channel for the Angels

Laura Newbury
Laura Newbury Laura Newbury lives in Stirling, Scotland. She has a MA (Hons) degree in Fine Art (Edinburgh) and is a practising artist and teacher of adu...
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