Afterlife Unveiled, The

Afterlife Unveiled, The

What the dead are telling us about their world

What happens after we die? Spirits speaking through mediums know. They want us to know. This book unveils their world.


What happens to us when we die? Many think of heaven as an unimaginable state of bliss. As for hell, it’s far out of proportion to any sin we might have committed and makes a travesty of God. But what if the afterlife was something very different? The key to such knowledge is mediumship. Three decades of research have taught the author, a world expert in the field of death and afterlife studies, who the most reliable voices are. These accounts are far better developed and more plausible than anything found in the worlds scriptures or theologies. Taken at face value, they represent the vivid experience of spirits, or ex-humans, eager to tell about their amazing world.

Dr. Stafford Betty's book was one of the best I have read on the subject. The professor's intellectual integrity, conscientious comparison of seven historical accounts of afterlife communicators, and wise integration of their points of agreement and disagreement, all paint a credible and compelling picture of what a personal afterlife may be like. His book shows respect for all world religions, but he fits human orthodoxies under an infinitely more expansive umbrella of the completely equitable, compassionate, and brilliant nature of the Creator. It not only helps the reader dispense with fear of death and feel comfort about deceased loved ones; it also inspires to make the best use of one's earthly life in service to others. Dr. Betty's book will, no doubt, transform your view of the afterlife---and this life--for the better. Amazon reviewer.


A huge amount of material has steadily accumulated over the years, claiming to describe conditions we may expect to experience after our physical death. This mountain of fascinating data is largely unfamiliar to the general public and, with a few honourable exceptions, ignored by theologians, philosophers, clergy and psychical researchers. As all of these people are guaranteed to die one day, their indifference to the question of a possible afterlife is surprising to say the least. This book attempts to remedy this strange situation by presenting a collection and analysis of alleged post-mortem accounts from seven 'communicators' spanning a period of over a hundred years. The author is well qualified to tackle this task, as he is a Professor of Religion at California State University, where he teaches a course on the subject. He is, therefore, fully aware of the need for more systematic education and research in this area, and his lively, informal style of writing should appeal to a varied readership. The nature of the book means that there is necessarily little original content here, and CP readers are likely to have come across many of the sources used. Testimony of Light by Helen Greaves, for example, has its own chapter and is described by Betty as 'the capstone of my university course... a mind-blowing book, full of surprises, full of descriptions that the human imagination would be very hard pressed to dream up.' (p87) Other classic afterlife reports include those purportedly coming from Stainton Moses, Frederic Myers and Monsignor Robert Benson. All od the chapters contain extensive quotations and Betty's own comments and assessments. This is a daring and ambitious book, but its relative brevity (128 pages) inevitably imposes limitations. Why, for example, has Betty chosen these seven 'communicators' from the wide range available? He justifies his selections as 'in my view, the best of the genre - the richest, most revelatory, most fertile I've come across after a quarter century of researching this sometimes dubious material.' (p1) But we need more discussion and explanation of why these accounts should be judged the best (and also of what makes some material 'dubious'). The problem of finding criteria by which to assess afterlife accounts is complex, but it is one that has to be confronted if this area is to be explored with any rigour. Why are the reports in this book attributed to Judge Hatch, Alvin Mattson and Leslie Stringfellow, for example, more 'rich, revelatory and fertile' than those of, say, Arthur Conan Doyle, Raymond Lodge or Private Dowding? Another key point which would benefit from more detailed treatments is the possibility of 'contamination' of afterlife accounts by some mediums. Betty acknowledges this, but again does not suggest how judgments might be made about it. Examination of the beliefs, philosophies and world-views of the mediums producing such accounts is a much-neglected area of psychical research. Despite these limitations, this book has many strengths and its most convincing feature lies in the impressive degree of consistency revealed in the reports, despite differences of style and detail. To take one striking example of this, there is a virtual unanimity about the unimportance of of creeds, dogmas and theologies, even where the 'communicator' has held firm religious beliefs when alive, as with Monsignor Robert Benson, who claims, 'I could see volumes of orthodox teachings, creeds and doctrines melting away, because they are not true'. (p62) Even Frances Banks, the former Anglican nun, declares, 'There are no tenets, no creeds, no formulae, no hard and fast rules devised by any minf to restrict or confine progress here... No soul is coerced, forced or bound by creeds.' (p83) So much, then, for religious orthodoxy! Overall, this is a stimulating and thought-provoking book, particularly for those unfamiliar with afterlife literature. Betty s to be commended for bringing this to a wider audience and showing that the extensive data available should be taken seriously. This is a courageous undertaking for an academic, but Betty shows that he is willing to follow in the distinguished footsteps of such pioneers as Robert Crookall and David Fontana. ~ Robert Straughan, The Christian Parapsychologist Vol I No. 13 - September 2015 issue

If you are going to study this topic then you need to approach it from many angles in order to get a rounded picture of the possibilities. I found this to be a constructive and historical addition to the subject. There are certainly more chatty sources but this offering written by a professor might help you gain a different perspective. One thing is clear. Everyone is saying the same thing. And it is that life here on the earthly plane is not the only dimension and in fact it isn't even home base. ~ Erica Martell, review

Lovely and interesting book. Couldn't put it down. ~ Trixie Geisler, review

Highly recommend if you have just lost a loved one. It helped me a lot. ~ Sue M Wallace, review

Great read. A must for your library. ~ Lori E. Colby, review

As a scientist, I found this an interesting and thought provoking book. Well worth reading. ~ johnavon "johnavon" (avon), review

This is a well written and researched book that gives an idea of what happens in the afterlife. I personally enjoyed it quite much and although it is based in reports already known, I found the material very entertaining. It made me think that if a great number of our human fellows knew that consciousness continues after our death, our world would be so much better. ~ JR, review

Without doubt, one of the best books in this genre. Life after death - the Afterlife etc is a very emotive subject to a lot of people. I have studied very many books and comments on the subject, some of which can be quite misleading -- but not this book. It is very well written and easy to understand, I congratulate Prof. Betty for a fine effort and wisdom worth sharing ~ Bob Mason, review

Nearly finished this BUT saying that,,,its a darn good read.!!!! It goes a bit deeper than the usual " Afterlife " book as it explains more about what happens AFTER this life. Its too complicated to explain here but I WOULD recommend a read IF you are interested in all things Spiritual. Stafford writes well. I enjoyed it hence 5* RECOMMEND XX ~ Mrs B, review

I read all the books I can find on near death experiences. This is an excellent book; it's the nuts and bolts of what the afterlife is like. Perfect for believers and spiritualists, my mum had a nde so I am not a sceptic. I loved the book. ~ Gillian Margaret Sinclair, review

A powerfully short book that packs a punch if you're interested in learning what the next life has in store for you in the spirit world. You can't put it down. The stories of seven different souls who find themselves in different levels of heaven. They've communicated their stories to willing mediums on earth. You'll learn so much if you are open minded. You'll also learn how incorrect many religions are in predicting what heaven is like and in the doctrines they preach. ~ John Hoffman, Ph.D., review

Finally a book that I can relate and agree with about the after life! I have read so many books, and some hold similar stories and events etc., but many speak of Aliens and how heaven needs to be repaired by alien crews after attacks and all... From my own NDE I must say, this is the closest book I have ever found and read that I completely agree and relate with! I would highly recommend this for anyone searching for the ultimate question so many are afraid to ask or look for... "What happens after we die?" ~ P. Bowden, review

This book has given me a better and more trustworthy picture of heaven than any other book I have read so far. I will highly recommend it for other readers hunting for hope and comfort. ~ bjørn vedeleron, review

A definite read for everyone. No matter young or old, living or dying ,a must read for all people . Answers questions and puts your mind at rest. Proof that death is not the end. It's a beginning of a much greater journey. ~ Steven Crane, review

Very informative! Great book! The Afterlife Unveiled contains fascinating information on the world beyond. The channelled communications gathered from seven different spirit sources are enlightening! While I was reading the book, it felt at times like I was taking a virtual tour of the astral realms. The Conclusion includes a wonderful list of 47 essential points summarizing the material previously presented. The concepts formulated in this book and other books on the same subject make so much sense and feel so real to me that I believe that the knowledge was lying dormant [in me] until it was rekindled. ~ Suzannah M, review

This book is fantastic! it puts everything together..religion and spirituality and energy......and it all makes sense. ~ Anne E Bennett, review

As described in the title, Dr. Betty provides a highly accurate, easy to read, volume that provides the essnce of several of the most comprehensive afterlife reports from all over the world and from different centuries. Highly recommended. ~ Gerald Gammell, review

Best book ever, so enlightening! I would certainly recommend it to anybody with an open mind. It was short though. ~ Anati, review

I'm so happy that Stafford Betty has introduced me to whole new world of books that validate the afterlife. His chapter on the Spiritual Teachings prompted me to look up the book and I found it downloadable for free. The AfterLife Unveiled is Betty's research into the afterlife, where he takes different views from the words of people who have passed, and gives us an overview of what 'heaven' and 'hell' is like. I listened to Betty on Coast to Coast AM, and his words were so inspiring that I bought his book, and I'm so glad I did. Hearing spirits talk about what the other side is like brings both comfort, and the urge to do more on this side to prepare for my inevitable passing. Having lost a child, who was the age of the boy in the second chapter, was so comforting. So many of the things the Texan boy talked about, were things that our son told his friends in dreams. And what parent wouldn't want to know that their child is happy and healthy on the other side? Each spirit communicates in a slightly different way according to his own level of knowing when leaving this life. As one spirit says, it's not like you become instantly enlightened when you leave the earth. You actually stay in a dimension near the earth, living out mostly the same kind of life you did on earth, but in a more refined world. As our son said in a dream when asked what it was like on the other side, "it's like here, only better." Those on the spirit side talk about religion saying, "True religion is to love God who is our father, and do all that we can to make others happy." Location 457 of 1652 There is a description of the lowers worlds(hell), where souls can indulge in the same vices they did while on Earth. The alcoholic can frequent bars, influencing those on Earth with the urges they had while in body. There truly is evil, which is the influence of these spirits who shun the light and wish to continue their depravities. We continue to learn on the other side and strive to evolve, and as those in the other side advise, we should do the same here. Everything we do on the mortal side counts as to what level we end up on when we pass over. The expression of 'seventh heaven' is real, and something to strive for. When we die, the third plane, the Plane of Illusion, greets us where we can build our world however we want. It's a sort of Disney land, "a pleasant, idealized make-believe, certainly not part of the natural world . . . the Third Plane will that will great us when we die will have been constructed by spirit architects who have the wisdom to know what we need at our present stage and the power to construct it." Location 700 of 1652 As the author put it while on Coast to Coast, if we all knew what the other side was like, we'd work harder in this world to be kind, helpful and loving, and in the end, we'd have heaven on earth. ~ Robin Landry "singer/songwriter", review

This review is from: The Afterlife Unveiled: What the Dead are Telling Us About Their World (Paperback) This is a rare gem--a well-documented and in-depth exploration of life experiences after death presented in a straightforward fashion, well-written and concise. I have read many books on the subject, but the majority of the more voluminous alternatives miss the mark within the first couple of chapters, oftentimes presenting an excessive amount of unfounded and theoretical ideals, while in 119 pages, Dr. Stafford Betty's narratives masterfully weave a beautifully-designed tapestry that illuminates our spirits with remnants of God's design that we intuitively know to be truths, answering many of our questions about the world(s) we can expect after departing this world. This is a must-read for those of you who are tired of buying and reading books on the subject that don't shed any light (believable and researched) on this most-serious matter. ~ Vivian Ann Leon, review

Loved reading the book, and gives you lots to think about . ~ Kathleen Sharkey, review

We who are on the spiritual journey out with Sunday School days have no doubt read dozens of afterlife books by now but this one is unique and well written by this outstanding Teacher Professor Stafford Betty. How I envy her students. I was so impressed I have bought three copies to pass on for the opinions of my more sceptical fellow seekers of afterlife truth. Do not hesitate to purchase this book; you will be astounded at the contents filled with further references to enlighten you even more. ~ Mrs M A M (Kincardinshire Scotland), review

A well written and thought provoking book that looks into the various ways that life after death is viewed by different authors. Well worth reading to fire further searches into similar territory. ~ Graham Tew "pegangray" (UK), review

I would recommend this book for anyone interested in learning more about the afterlife. It was ready to read and enjoyable. Fascinating stuff! ~ Jengo , review

Really makes you think, has changed my views for the better and will encourage me to become a better person ~ Paula, review

Thank you for for writing "Heaven and Hell Unveiled". Your work is a wonderful balance of academic integrity and religious sensitivity. I believe your work brings encouragement, comfort, and hope for many people ~ Dave Brewer, Bakersfield CA, email to author

Everyone who devotes much time to reading communications purportedly received from the dead is struck and confounded by how consistent they are across methods of communication and across time. The more of these communications you read, the more you realize that every one of them is describing the same extraordinarily complex but loving and joyous post-death reality. All these communications are a surfeit of riches. For anyone who is looking to cut to the chase and really understand the afterlife, to pull together all that the dead have told us over the past nearly 200 years and make detailed sense of it all could take a lifetime. Faced with such an abundance of riches, in an effort to make the afterlife comprehensible for casual readers Dr. Betty has done something sensible. He has selected seven key communicators and enabled them to tell their stories. The Afterlife Unveiled is a brief and highly enjoyable romp with seven real people who died over more than a century of time and found various effective ways to communicate with the living, whether through the venerable nineteenth-century medium William Stainton Moses or through the communicator’s own friend or parent. Having read a number of very good summaries of what the afterlife communications tell us, and even having written such a book myself, I am surprised to see how freshly accessible Dr. Betty’s decision to let us know a few dead individuals has made the amazing things they have to tell us. Dr. Betty’s rich store of afterlife knowledge and his friendly, accessible style serve to frame and further explain what our dead friends say in their own distinctive voices. This book’s Conclusion is the best summary of what we learn from reading many hundreds of communications from the dead that I have yet seen. Dr. Betty’s patience and detail and his ability to express all things in simple terms make this chapter a must-read for anyone who really wants to understand what comes next. ~ Roberta Grimes, review

I really enjoyed your book. It's very informative and interesting. Of all of the books that I have read on the subject, it's the most comprehensive. Thanks and looking forward to your next book. ~ Vivian Ann, Facebook

I found this book excellent reading for the believer, unbeliever and anyone else who cannot make up their minds. It is written in a way that leaves one at the very least giving much thought to the subject, proof to the believer and hopefully peace and a calmness to the terminally ill. A great read. ~ P. Hanson, review

A thoughtful, impartial and honest appraisal of the books he has chosen to include in this collation of afterlife experiences and teachings. Stafford Betty does not rush to conclusions in the light of seemingly conflicting messages but recognises that truth and experience in the afterlife, as in this one, can be progressively revelatory. ~ Jill, review

Dr. Stafford Betty's book was one of the best I have read on the subject. The professor's intellectual integrity, conscientious comparison of seven historical accounts of afterlife communicators, and wise integration of their points of agreement and disagreement, all paint a credible and compelling picture of what a personal afterlife may be like. His book shows respect for all world religions, but he fits human orthodoxies under an infinitely more expansive umbrella of the completely equitable, compassionate, and brilliant nature of the Creator. It not only helps the reader dispense with fear of death and feel comfort about deceased loved ones; it also inspires to make the best use of one's earthly life in service to others. Dr. Betty's book will, no doubt, transform your view of the afterlife---and this life--for the better. ~ Kristine Hintz, review

The most amazing part of this book to me was the description of the spiritual spheres and how they correspond to the physical earthly nations. Depending on what country you are in when you die, you would most likely go to the spiritual sphere/country that corresponds to the nation you lived in before death! Interesting read if you want to know more about life after you cross over. ~ Patricia E. Dennis, "seeker", review

The main thing that I liked about this book is that the author collected information from various other writers. He compiled all the most important information into one book. ~ Nita Streetman, review

I have read many books on the afterlife and I would rate this as one of the best. Very interesting and easy to read. ~ Rosaleen Hagan, review

I'm happy to say that due to a lot of reading books such as yours and Eben Alexander's and meditative thought, I've come to resolve my fear.  In fact, going to theology school seemed to be a logical expansion of my research.  By the way, I enjoyed your book, the Afterlife Unveiled, immensely. ~ John Beechy, email to author

Great book. Thought provoking read. It's been written in an easy to read way. Couldn't put it down. If you need the answers absolutely recommend this book. ~ Peaches, UK, review

If you only ever read one book on the topic of the afterlife, this truly is the book for you to purchase. I have just finished reading it and quite honestly there is not one thing I would question. I have always believed in the afterlife and had my beliefs on how it happens and The Afterlife Unveiled sums it all up. A must read; even if you don't believe in the afterlife it will get you thinking! ~ Teena de, review

Brilliant! Crucial information! Well written! It is the most important question that we all should ask ourselves "What happens when and after we die?" I am often astounded that it is a taboo subject with the vast majority, people don't know and they just don't care. I started pondering this question from an early age & remember thinking at about 8 years of age "if I die will I still be ME?" In other words will I still retain my individuality? Wow heavy stuff at such a young age and at 52 I have read hundreds of books on the subject and I am still searching. With this book though many questions are answered. I just wish it was a few hundred pages longer. Do yourself a favour, download a copy, set aside time to read and to contemplate and more importantly - enjoy! This is one of the very best of the genre that I have read and it is SO important. Humankind would benefit enormously if they followed the messages of this book and that is be kind, be helpful to each other, give as much love as you can but enjoy this life. Whatever the emotions, likes, dislikes and prejudices that you have when you pass, these feelings go with you, so forgive & forget, retain your sense of self depreciating humour & harbour no grudges or ill feeling from wrong doings. Go to the next plane of existence with a light heart full of love & optimism & goodwill. I sure intend to, pity I can't take this book with me! ~ Vhan, review

A new author I liked very much. This book was interesting and the author was very clear, authentic and lovely to read. ~ Nancy Kerrigan, review

This book answered many question I have had for years! I hope for a follow-up book in the near future! ~ BigBadJohn53, review

I just want to congratulate and thank you for your courage. I am 40 years old and realized or started to understand the afterlife about a year ago. The evidence is overwhelming, I no longer believe there is any room for debate. Thanks for going against "the grain". Your work is much appreciated. ~ Marc Cohen, email to author

I just finished reading "The Afterlife Unveiled" and must say it's a "life changer". ~ Bill Smith , email to author

This is the kind of book you want to reread over and over ...Just great thanks for sharing with us all. ~ Roger Ward, Review

The best Afterlife Book I have ever read. I have read many afterlife books and they were good but this gets right to the heart of things. They are excerpts from 5 or 6 books which get to the crux of the matter. Many books dilly dally around the subject and perhaps have only one chapter regarding the afterlife but this book cuts into the 5/6 books with the pertinent information that doesn't leave the reader waiting for the important issues. I highly recommend this book. It is a very fast read and I will refer to it from time to time. ~ RoseMarie Antonucci, review

This is a challenging read, but it is sure to open your mind and heart to possibilities you have never dreamt. I entered into this book somewhat as a skeptic, mostly because of my strong religious background. Yet, if you will keep an open mind, you cannot help but allow for the hope it builds for a heaven that is beyond our expectations, yet ultimately just and supremely rewarding. And yes, Virginia, there is a hell... but, according to those souls who have seen it, not as we have had God design it. Indeed, Professor Betty has done all the legwork and made an excellent achievement by scouring for the serious reader the best of the historical literature in this field. Even better still, he has boiled it all down, cutting through to the heart of the matter, and made a case for the afterlife that is difficult even for one ensconced in a spiritual comfort zone to disavow. It is a slim tome, but not a rocking-chair book. It packs a heavy doctrinal punch at times. If you want a mild read and a devotional backrub, this book is not for you. ~ Christian Williams, Goodreads

I stumbled upon your book The Afterlife Unveiled and it's one of those books I have a hard time putting down. However I would love to see if you have a reading list that you assign to students in your Death/Afterlife Classes that you would share with me so I could continue my study of this incredibly interesting topic. ~ Karey Trenter, email to author

This book was excellent. Giving me hope in a hopeless situation. Recommend for everyone especially a person grieving. Thank you. ~ Rebecca O'Toole, review

I really enjoyed this book. It was very much like watching a discussion of the afterlife by different experts that had passed on. They agreed on many fundamentals but politely disagreed on some particulars. There was, however, never a dispute about the most important issue...individual intelligent survival after "physical" death. ~ F. L. Rynearson, Oregon U.S.A., review

Truly an inspirational book! I lost a loved one to suicide in 2011 and have been struggling and constantly wondering if his soul moved on to the other side. I am a believer in Jesus Christ and have been raised to believe we have a loving and compassionate God. This book gave me peace and put the afterlife in a better perspective for me. ~ Jessica Allen, review

I just finished your book. I am also an academic, although from a different discipline. I guess my biggest take-away is the surprise that the afterlife, according to your mediums, is not like "heaven" as I had been taught. Rather it seems more like a grander and highly refined extension of Earth. I guess I was a bit let down initially but at the same time there is something about it, I don't know, that rings true for me. You've given me a new perspective. A great job of having collected and summarized these various accounts in one place. Thank you for writing the book. ~ Ron Coleman, email to author

I'm reading your beautiful book, The Afterlife Unveiled, and find that I have read most of the books you refer to and especially enjoyed the Helen Greaves books, Stainton Moses, and the writings of Sir Oliver Lodge. ~ Patricia Juarez, email to author

I like the way this subject was presented. An informative style based on research of this subject. Makes me want to dig deeper. ~ Greg Cirillo,

Fascinating read. Through various sources different accounts of what we will find when we die are laid before us. For me I found several points of comfort from reading this book, one that we will meet with loved ones again in a beautiful setting, two that karma exists and those who have done wrong will be punished. It sets out a vision of a journey of continual learning, of acquiring knowledge and trying to attain the ultimate progression towards a higher way of being. It doesn't matter if u follow a religion on earth since all are found in this afterlife. ~ Julie Watkins, UK, BetterWorldBooks review

Fantastic, life changing book. ~ Janis Pegrum Smith, UK, BetterWorldBooks review

I would be interested in buying several copies of The Afterlife Unveiled for friends. Your study of channeling made a big difference in several person's lives, for their reading of it reduced their fear of death.  Best to you.                                               ~ Andrew Minjiras, San Francisco, email to author

"The Afterlife Unveiled" by Stafford Betty Ph.D. is a unique book that features information on what life after death may look like. Obviously, one has to have an open mind to read "The Afterlife Unveiled" because it a channeled book. However, there is a wealth of interesting information in this book. The following viewpoints are among a few of the writings included within the chapters: Page 107: At least three ways are given on how souls progress in the non-physical realms. Souls are also seen for exactly who they are in the non-physical realm. Many spirits also enjoy numerous members of their "spirit families" and light beings immediately greeting them after their physical death on earth. Page 109: Many spirits who commit suicide DO NOT transition to an eternal hell. However, those who commit suicide may end up being greeted by unsavory spirits who influenced their suicide and/or run the risk of at first landing in the non-physical realms alone and friendless. A compassionate view appears to be taken on suicide, but the problems that the man or woman tried to escape from on earth are still left unsolved in the non-physical realms. Page 111: Countless souls have the free-will to not return to earth, but many choose to reincarnate back on earth for the learning opportunities. There is so much more interesting information contained in this book. "The Afterlife Unveiled" by Stafford Betty Ph.D. is a positive and nourishing book for those who are curious and open-minded in reading about potential realities in the afterlife. ~ Stella Carrier, Amazon Reviewer

How exciting that the afterlife is being explored in such a manner. I will cherrish the day that others will not look at me like I am a crazy person when I share my story. Not sure why when it is in writting people are more able to "belive". ~ Rosemary White, Comment on blog Powered by Intuition

We are so curious about the afterlife, aren’t we? Dr. Betty’s information is fascinating. Of course I found this paragraph – “Other souls are enslaved to their addictions and become earthbound. For example, an earthbound spirit who was an alcoholic is still pestered by the craving for alcohol. So he hangs around bars on earth and “drinks through” other alcoholics he temporarily possesses, making it all the more difficult for his victim to conquer the habit.” – to be particularly interesting. Possibly that explains where some have such a difficult time letting go of their alcoholism for a period of time or forever, and others find it a bit more doable. Always interesting. Thanks for sharing Dr. Betty’s research. ~ Cathy Taughinbaugh, Comment on blog Powered by Intuition

What is new to me is to learn that heaven is a spectrum of worlds. It is comforting to know that no spirits stay in the dark forever and that there will be a day when the spirit decides to move towards the light. And yes, I found the part on the addictions interesting too! Great post! ~ Evelyn Lim, Comment on Powered by Intuitioin (blog)

This is fascinating. I’m wondering if the different “heaven worlds” are at all like what I was reading about the “multiverse,” the many dimensions that exist. It all sounds more complicated than I had imagined. And I’m wondering what it’s like for those souls who have reached the more advanced levels. So many questions! ~ Galen Pearl, Comment on Powered by Intuition (blog)

Dear Angela, Thank you for sharing Dr. Betty’s work and thought-provoking interview. Several things perked my attention. 1) I myself have not experienced an NDE but seem to connect profoundly with those who have. This suggests to me it is possible for people to access some sense of the experience without needing to die. 2) The concept of Earth’s slow “vibrations,” blocking us intrigues me. I find the more I spend time listening to the Earth itself and immerse in the natural world, the more I seem to access spiritual information. In fact, my greatest dilemma right now is how to live the life of my soul’s longing by reversing my current lifestyle and being outdoors 75% of the time, indoors 25%. 3) Especially coming from a man who studies and teaches religion, the idea that “Character alone counts, not beliefs,” reassures me. For some reason I cannot fathom, I have tried again and again to understand my hesitations toward Christianity despite reading scripture and attending various churches over a lifetime. It simply has not resonated with me the way other belief systems (such as Buddhism) have. Many outsiders to my family have commented about the nature of “good works” of my relatives, yet the one who has behaved most like a missionary personally saving lives is an atheist, and the rest of us have no specific religious compass as foundation. The constant tug I feel toward spiritual topics is probably the most “religious” expression among us. How we choose to behave must be more important than who we listen to. That reassures me for our existence outside this plane. ~ Erin W, Comment on Powered by Intuition (blog)

Very interesting post! Despite being quite a rational personality type, I myself am a firm believer in both reincarnation and the afterlife, because as an intuitive I’ve had communication in very specific terms with spirits, including names, appearance, and other details. And as a human being in general, I actually have some memories of my most recent previous life (which was rather tragic and memorable), including someone who I believe is still close to me in spirit, and has done some fairly dramatic and visible things to demonstrate it. I even have a physical anomaly that seems to relate to my memories of that past life, and several mediums and readers have described that incarnation as well. So there isn’t much doubt in my mind that such things actually exist, and I find that to be an extremely comforting idea. It has all caused me to lose my fear of death completely, and in an odd sense I even look forward to it eventually, because my curiosity about that other world is enormous! I wonder how many people we’ll meet there from previous lives we’ve completely forgotten! :) ~ Jennifer Flint, the Aura Reader, Comment on Powered by Intuition (blog)

Fascinating. If spirits are involved in work in the afterlife, how is it we can call upon them. How is it that my Mom can be present for me and still do her work in the afterlife. I believe she has attained an advanced state because she was such a wonderful mother. But she also promised she would always be here for me. Can you tell me more about this? Can spirits be in two or more places at once? Can she be attending to the children of Sandy Hook or be in the advanced state that you describe and still come to me? ~ Rosemarie Monaco, Comment on Powered by Intuition (blog)

I love the "open", honest treatment of the subject matter . This book helped me understand not just that there may be an afterlife but why there is one. ~ Cathy, review

I enjoyed reading this book immensely. It inspired in me a greater desire to share my own truths, stories and writings. "The Afterlife Unveiled: What the Dead Are Telling Us About Their World" shines like a lighthouse that offers safe passage to those who truly wish a peek "Behind the Curtain." It deeply resonated with my inner being. ~ Laurie J. Brenner, review

I really really loved this book. So much that after reading it as an e-book I bought the paperback to pass to friends. I found it very thoughtful and written from an objective point of view. No preaching whatsoever in it, which is refreshing in these types of books. Great job and a good read. ~ Michelle M, review

If one wants to understand the afterlife....and you have questions on this subjet..this book presents a very clear insight...a good read ~ Janet Christensen, review

I'm writing just to say how much I have enjoyed reading your book "the afterlife unveiled". It is beautifully written and put together, so gentle and unassuming in style, so easy of access and informative, so thought provoking and intriguing- thankyou so much! In my personal life I have been spiritually oriented for sometime. I particularly love the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda (I also wondered if  you had heard of him and his famous 'Autobiography of a yogi'? There is a chapter in this book where Yogananda reports that his "dead" guru reappears to him in flesh and blood and describes the astral and causal universes inhabited after death). Reading your lovely book has strengthened my conviction in these teachings and ideas.   ~ Damian Woods, email to author

I just finished reading your book entitled "the afterlife unveiled."   I will now pass it on to a friend who is just starting her spiritual journey; she turned to religion first and they had few if any answers for her, and then I will loan it to my long time friend who is very very ill and two years ago did not believe in an afterlife.   Books like yours have been a godsend to him. He went within two years from a belief that  when he is gone he is gone forever and his life is all over, from "gone forever" to recently he sent me a birthday card that read "forever friends". That is huge.   Anyhow loved your book. Thanks for the effort to write it. Your professionalism in picking the quotes and doing the narrations of these "spirits" that came through a medium was outstanding.   I doubt your students have any idea how rare it is for a professor of religion that can bring to them such books as "testimony of light". Also one of my keeper books like yours.   ~ Dave Depree, email to author

I am delighted to send this email to you in gratitude for your wonderful work. I recently heard your talks with Vanessa Anseloni on Kardec Radio and I got absolutely interested in your works, articles and books, and I really want to congratulate you for all of them. Your book "The Afterlife Unveiled" gave me so much inspiration to continue pursuing my studies regarding the Afterlife, Spiritism and Science. I am flattered to have been given the chance of listening to your fabulous interview and I want to congratulate you once again for this amazing research that you have been doing. Cognitive Neuroscience B.A. Candidate University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2015 ~ Fabio Marcovski, Philadelphia, PA, email to author

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the most important work that you have done and are doing. I have your newest book from the library, but I know I want to have a copy of my own. ~ Pamela Murray, Springfield, MO, email to author

I've often commented on the biggest inconsistency in ostensibly channeled communications about the afterlife — the question of whether or not spirits reincarnate. The same concern shows up in Stafford Betty's worthwhile book, The Afterlife Unveiled, which consists largely of excerpts from channeled material. ~ Michael Prescott, Michael Prescott's blog

Fascinating and engaging. ~ Portia Choi, email to author

I LOVED this book. I only wish it had been longer. What the author does here is unique. From his extensive reading of books about the afterlife (he is a Professor of Religion) he compiles an overview of what life is like after we die, according to spirits who have spoken through mediums. The author's goal is to help people form a more realistic view of the afterlife then the ones offered by religions (Christianity in particular with its limited view of either hell with fire and eternal punishment, or heaven with harps and clouds.) Each chapter focuses on one medium/spirit and gives a brief intro about them. Each gives lots of direct quotes from the spirits about different aspects of the afterlife, like: what different regions (spheres) of the afterlife exist; what people do in the afterlife; what our soul's purpose is; where corrupt, evil-doers go and what "evil" forces really are; and much more. The last chapter summerizes 44 points about the afterlife (as covered in the book) that seem the most interesting to the author. Some of these points include, randomly (and I quote from the book): 2. The Afterworld begins at the earth's surface and extends outward.... 4. Earth's slow vibrations dumb down our ability to sense the presense of spirit, including the Divine.... 5. The newly "dead" are thoroughly themselves when they pass. Their personalities, habits and character, for better for worse, are completely intact. 7. ... life in the astral is more vivid and intense then on earth, not more ghostly.... 10. AD Mattson's trip to other inhabited planets revealed a divine plan very much like the one just sketched.... 11. The Afterlife is a broad based society of every conceivable kind of person, most of them flawed and incomplete in some way.... 16. Many astral inhabitants maintain a lively interest in the events of Earth and long to help it progress... 21. There are hellish regions in the astral, and large populations that make their home there.... 26. There are three basic ways to progress in the Afterlife:... 28. There are no masks in the astral. You cannot hide from others what you are.... 32. Spirits in the astral meet Christ-like beings.... Overall, if you want to know what you have to look forward to when you pass over, you will enjoy this book very much and it will give you a solid overview of what the spirits tell us about the afterlife. And this book will introduce you to seven of the best books from mediums/spirts. ~ Cat Whipple, review

I have been researching the afterlife for some 20 years off and on, and have read dozens of books on the subject. With the possible exception of some books by Michael Tymn, whom Betty mentions in his acknowledgments, this book ranks at the top. ~ Craig Smith, Amazon reviewer

If you're looking for something interesting and out of the box to read, then this is the book to get! I couldn't really tell you if it was all a croc, or what. I'm not much of a believer in trance readings or other ways these people were able to "communicate" with the other side. But I felt it was all tied in very well into the book, and makes you say 'what if'. I couldn't wait to go to bed to read this book, and I'm sure you will feel the same way. I only hope that He is in the process of making another book like this. ~ Bako Guy, Amazon reviewer

I have just finished re-reading for the third time your "Afterlife Unveiled" and wanted to thank you. My wife and I are 30+ year students of "A Course in Miracles" and have found your book to be for us an amplification of the Course idea that birth is not the beginning and death is not the end. I look forward to reading your novel. ~ John Dilworth, email to author

Professor Bettys book greatly elaborated on the sense of Gods enormous love and goodness in portraying an afterlife that offers continuing opportunities for personal growth.  And the "Shadowlands" destination of so many souls is a dismal place but there is hope of leaving those environs. Certainly that concept is more appealing than an eternal barbecue by a vengeful God imposing a punishment that exceeds any cruelty that mankind has been able to devise during his time on earth. The notion that one cannot snatch a "get out of jail free" card at the moment of death just by saying "Im sorry" no matter the selfishness and meanness of ones life is also appealing to my sense of justice and fairness. Conversely, one weak, doubting, even despairing moment at death should not wipe out a lifetime of charity, service and devotion. I also very much liked the way these reports indicated the awesome power and majesty of God as eternal, creative, living Intelligence.  I further appreciated the notion of multiple levels in the afterlife and the fact that the degree of energy vibration determined ones appropriate location on this graduated scale of the afterlife. This seems to nicely reflect the cosmological physics of string theory which proposes that at the most fundamental level all matter is determined by unimaginably small vibrating "strings" of energy. Further, the existence of these multiple levels in unseen dimensions not only satisfies the need for multiple dimensions posited by string theory but also might account for the 96% of the universe that science cannot identify at all. In lieu of having any clue as to what this huge majority of the universe actually is, science calls it "dark matter" and "dark energy." So these mediumistic reports appeared to not only confirm the Christian sense of a loving God but also offered a lovely reconciliation of science and religion. Further, even St. Paul spoke of levels in heaven (see 2 Cor 12:2).

~ Jim Carney, review

I am currently re-reading "The Afterlife Unveiled", and am enjoying it even more than the first time through ...

I hope it is "required reading" for all of your classes, and for all of the faculty ...

~ Richard Brannon, Ph.D., email to author

Years ago I gave up on Fresno so Im

THRILLED to find a "Valley Guy" who

writes great works on religion and is

interested in the afterlife. Just


~ Carla Wills-Brandon, email to author

I read the Introduction to The Afterlife Unveiled  this morning.  Perhaps you more than just about anyone appreciate the obstacles that works on this subject face in gaining acceptance amongst the intellectual and moral corruption of Western academia.  Consequently, an introduction in such cases is especially important.  I thought that you did a masterful job - certainly as good a job as is possible - in disarming the close-minded.

~ Jay Feore, email to author

Early this morning as I read p.67 where you quote Benson: "sound and light are intimately connected in the spirit world . . . all music is colour and all colour is music" and you sum it up on p.105 with "The astral is synesthetic: sound and light are coextensive", I wept spontaneously and deeply, as you were describing something I have experienced firsthand in my work as an artist.  When I play the piano, I often "see color" in the sounds and then run to my canvas and try to reproduce what I am hearing/seeing.  My art comes from the same place in me as does my music and it has always felt like a deeply spiritua and inspired place.   The practice of art is contemplative and intuitive for me and now, you have revealed that my earthly experience also describes one tiny aspect of the Afterlife.  I am not psychic, nor can I yet explain why I was so touched, but your words bless my work and I am grateful this book has crossed my path.  I want to be open and thus, expect other revelations to come to me but I feel as though you may have helped explain one source of the wonderful, mysterious moments I have when I work.   Thank you!

~ Suzanne Damrich, Mobile,AL , email to author


I was shocked to discover how many of my pre-existing thoughts on the Afterlife were reflected in the pages of your book.  One of the most significant parts of the book was imagining the Shadowlands where souls stay until they can be encouraged to leave the darkness.  Its joyful to know that even broken souls can be mended in the light of God and that there is still hope for every soul, past and present.  I have found I now pray more often for these poor souls and for the souls whose job it is to guide them away from the darkness.  This book makes so much sense to me and I find I believe it as if every word was truth.  I have never before read a book that has had such a profound effect on me and for that I am truly grateful.  If you could only read one more book in this lifetime, this would be the book to read. I found such comfort from reading Afterlife Unveiled and I hope you will too. 

~ Mrs. P. J. Gaskell, Liverpool, review

Clear writing, amazing examples, easy to understand; congratulations and thanks for such excellent work. ~ Lester Carcamo, email to author

I have read a couple of chapters of Afterlife Unveiled, and your writing and insights are very stimulating.  The chapter (3) about David Hatch is a superb essay, and your bibliography will give me much to work with and enjoy.  I am not in a hurry to go the Spirit world (which community?), but I am much less afraid of dying to this earth world.  The information from the spirit communicators does make the next experience sound appealing and fun.  Hopefully the shadow lands will not be a stopping place!   ~ Andrew Minjiras, email to author

This will make you think. Yet it reinforces some of my thinking. I will read again and again. As there's a lot to take in, in just one read. ~ Russell Paul Browning, review

I must confess that I am one of those who do not like the idea of dying and death seems terrifying for me. However, reading the book helped me to gain a sense of peace and hope.

~ Nubia Sierra, M.A. in Theology from Loyola Marymount, in Los Angeles. High school religion teacher

Dr. Betty has created a book that not only informs and entertains, but more importantly: Inspires. If you are 'on the path' and new to this subject, this book will open up a view to some beautiful fields ahead. If you already know this territory, Dr. Betty's choice of subject matter and accompanying narrative should enhance and expand the vista. Highly recommended.

~ Gary Chaplin, reviewer

Stafford Betty did an excellent job!  All material he used in this book is very well documented; the author presents only facts (mediumistic reports)--nothing more.  Of course, one may have mixed feelings about the validity and accuracy of such reports (as I myself do), but it is data nonetheless, and it is up to the user to decide how to regard it.  Stafford also did a very nice summary at the end of his book, nicely putting common elements in mediumistic reports, and thus producing a coherent picture.  Highly reccomended!

~ Alexander Zlotnik, Reviewer

Well done, Dr. Betty! I found this book on the afterlife not only interesting but inspiring. It seems an invitation and reminder to engage in our progression on the earthly plain. I heartily agree that we progress here (and apparently in the Afterworld) by admitting defects in our character, serving others, and yearning for the higher states. This is consistent with all the past and living saints and masters who invite us to be steadfast on the spiritual and personal journey. Dr. Betty has done a great thing in pulling these writings together and has presented it well. I will be recommending it to many of my clients who consistently ask questions about the afterlife. The final chapter which summarizes the book's teachings is very helpful.

~ David Atkins, former United Methodist Pastor, currently Marriage and Family Therapist.

I purchased your book The Afterlife Unveiled yesterday and read the book cover-to-cover with great satisfaction.  I have read many books on the subject of the spirit world, but none like your book.  Thank you for writing this book.  I would be interested to know what other books you may have out there on the subject. 

~ Silke Herbias Elliott, California Massage Therapist

I am halfway through your book, and I find what you have to say comforting and fascinating. This book will inevitably become a staple for those interested in the afterlife.  Congratulations and thank you.

~ Rene Ferrell, Professor of Music

Perhaps the existence of the afterlife may never be scientifically proven. To those who yearn for something more substantial, and for those who are not easily satisfied, Betty’s book is one of the corner pieces of the puzzle. It is a treasure trove of delightful, insightful and sometimes uncomfortable subjects that catapults readers into a mode of deep reflection and wonderment.

~ Emily Shapiro, Reporter for the Bakersfield Express

I just finished your Afterlife book and am writing to congratulate you 
for its excellence and for the fact that you wrote it at all. Having 
it written by an active academic is a minor breakthrough in itself.  I 
totally agree with your belief that society really needs concrete 
information about the afterlife if it ever is to bring peace to the 
religious jungle we live in.


~ William Stone, Co-director of AECES (Association for Evaluation and Communication of Evidence for Survival)

    I wanted to let you know that I read the book and really enjoyed it. At first, I was a little surprised. One because I did not think the book would be so direct about the afterlife. And also because books like this are usually not written the way Dr. Betty wrote his. I felt it was both a scholarly and brave approach.
       Also, I have been reading all about quantum physics lately and the ideas of multiple universes existing next to us... literally. And the idea/theory that there is no empty space. This would support a lot of what Dr. Betty writes about.
    Again, I think Dr. Betty is so brave not only for addressing this topic but for not holding any punches as he writes about it. And there are so many parts of this book I would love to discuss.
    I would also love to know more about Dr. Betty's theories, his personal experiences, how he felt about bringing this book to life, and what sort of critiques he has faced if any.
   Thank you so much for this recommendation. I bought it for my Kindle but I am going to order a hard copy for my book collection. Thanks so much!

~ Sophia Saad

An unusual and informative book by a professor of religion, exploring pictures of the afterlife from many different classic, as well as less well-known sources of information.

~ Network Review

There can be few, if any, more important questions than what happens to us when we die. This book contains what purport to be reports from people who have died, telling us in what conditions they live, and how they may move on from one sphere to another. Whatever they may make of this, everyone will find it intensely interesting.

~ John Hick, Author of Death and Eternal Life, preeminent philosopher of global religion

After conducting a pattern and content analysis of details that spirit sources described about their afterlife world through credible mediums, Dr. Betty spells out 44 specific details of the afterlife, most of which differ from the views of major world religions. Belief in these revelations that the nature of our afterlife existence depends upon using our free will to evolve spiritually in love and wisdom in this life is the core message of this book. ~ Boyce Batey, Executive Director of Academy of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies

The foundation of organized religion is life after death. Yet, orthodox religion has failed to paint a picture of an appealing afterlife. There have been, however, various accounts of the afterlife coming to us through sensitives who have penetrated the veil. In this book, Professor Betty gathers together some of the most intriguing and interesting accounts, offering us a more realistic picture of both the higher and lower realms.

~ Michael Tymn, Michael Tymn, author of The Articulate Dead, authority on mediumship

If you are looking for a book about the afterlife viewed through the lens of mediums, this is the one to read. Dr. Stafford Betty has carefully studied many of the significant mediums in history and presented a composite of information they have received from sitters of various backgrounds. You will find some of the most fascinating and controversial accounts of the nature of the afterlife without the usual academic jargon. There is so much to ponder and discuss you will not be able to put this book down. 


~ Louis LaGrand, PhD, Bereavement Counselor and consultant author of Love Lives On

Stafford Betty
Stafford Betty Stafford Betty earned his PhD in theology from Fordham University, teaches religious studies at California State University in Bakersfield, ...
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